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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by silky17, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. silky17

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    To all,HELLO

    Hope all are getting what they need and are feeling well.

    I know some of you have wrote to your congressman and I was wondering what would a person say? How would you start the letter? I was thinking of writing one for myself but don't want to hang myself in anyway.

    SWo if anybody would like to give me a heads up......please do.

  2. TXFMmom

    TXFMmom New Member

    Just write the letter honestly. Don't make it too long, but get your problem across.

    I presume that you are speaking in terms of assistance with SDDI, Medicare, or other government programs.

    First, start out with your job history, education, the fact that you would love to work, you need to work and you would, if you could.

    Then, list your major problems, doctors you have seen, briefly give tests, surgeries, treatments, etc. if you want, and ask for their assistance with your problem.

    You must specifically grant them permission to apporach the agency or part of government involved on your behalf.
  3. silky17

    silky17 New Member

    Thank you,

    Just what I wanted. Thanks again,

    Bless you and yours
    Debbie (silky)
  4. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member


    i just emailed mine. ithinking maybe i need to send them a letter in the mail. i wrote the emailed on and tried to not get to wordy. but i'm sure i got my point accross. i forgot to write anything in ther about giving them permission to work in my behalf. but i'll write one up later. so thanks for putting this on the board it reminded me i needed to do myself. i didn't do this the first time i filed for ssdi. so i'm curious as to what a time difference it will make. last time i filed in march 2002 and had my first hearing date rescheduled in march 2004 finally had it hear on 7/8/2004. i guess that wasn't too bad considering some people i have read waited until 4 years and i saw one 6 years.

    well good luck keep us posted on what the letter does for you! and i'll do the same.

  5. ibisgirldc

    ibisgirldc New Member

    What is the letter about? Is it a request for casework assistance or an expression of your opinion on an issue before the Congress? That makes a difference.

    I'll look back later and answer based on your response.

    Best regards, Ibisgirldc
  6. silky17

    silky17 New Member

    Well I emailed it last night and recieved a response today. It gave me a number to call to one of his assistance. I called her , she is out until Fri. But I left a message asking if there is anything they can do to speed up the process.

    I hope I haven't just gotten under their skin and angered them. I don't believe so. They really seemed very corgial.

    Now waiting so I can wait some more. Hhahahaha. You all know what that is like huh?

    Keep the good thoughts going,
  7. silky17

    silky17 New Member

    Letter is to see if they can speed up the process of disability decision.

    I told them that I have about exhausted all my means to the state programs and how hard its getting to keep things afloat.

    I am just trying all the avenues I can. Its getting hard to not have any money. But........I have to say God keeps me in what I need. So prayer is my first priority. Belief and trust in him will bring this through.

  8. ibisgirldc

    ibisgirldc New Member

    Your congressman will have a district office located somewhere near your home. (I.e., in the district and not in DC). That office is probably the location of the congressman's case workers. He/she will have 1-4 of them working on vets' benefits, immigration, disability tax issues, etc. Anything related to FEDERAL benefits and problems. If you sent the letter via email to the main mailbox, it would have arrived in the DC office for review by an intern who - impressively in one day - will turn it around to get more info and to get you in line with the case workers.

    Despite having sent it already, I would suggest the following:

    1) call the local office - the one in your district - and ask to speak with the healthcare or disability caseworker. Tell them that you are a constituent of the congressman.

    2) ask if they have a specific form that you need to send in. Tell them that you don't want to burden them with your case over the phone - not just yet - but you'd like to forward your information because you're finding yourself in a dire situation and you believe that assistance from the congressman could help in straightening out the process.

    3) Send in all of your materials. Fill out their forms to a tee and give them everything that you think someone representing you would need. You might include a short one-page cover that summarizes what the problem is and what help you're requesting. Makes the case worker's job easier and makes them more apt to be able to help you if they know exactly what you want.

    4) Follow up with a phone call about once per week...

    5) Just have realistic expectations. Remember that these people can't perform miracles... if your case has been adjudicated or is in front of a judge or mediator now, then they may be legally prohibited in getting involved. IN fact, in certain situation, e.g., immigration cases, their calls or comments could actually, by law, prejudice the adjudicator against the person who's requesting help. And they can't simply get people pushed in front of other folks. But if there is a bureaucratic tangle, then they have the ability to, possibly, get involved.

    P.S. Similarly, you have state reps as well. If it's related to state benefits, take essentially the same info and direct your questions at the state-level rep's offices.

    Good luck!
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  9. silky17

    silky17 New Member

    When I recieved the email from his office it gave me a link to his represenative here. So I do hope I get it to the right person Also I haven't even gotten to the denial stage yet so I hope that I have not jumped the gun.

    I have an appointment to see a doc for a mental exam on Mon. I did call her and left a message on her voice mail , she is suppose to be out until Fri. this week.

    Thanks for the info. I know since this thing started I have done allot of things that I am not usually comfortable doing. Funny how things get you to jump out of the box your comfortable in.

    Thanks , take care,
  10. lilac123

    lilac123 New Member

    Hi Silky,

    I think I did this wrong, I am kinda new to this posting stuff. But, I posted a new message to you with your name on it dated 8/12. I copied/pasted a letter I wrote to my congressman first I e-mailed and then they sent me a form to sign for privacy. He called me the very next morning. I think he may be able to help me. I hope you have similar results. I am waiting for a hearing.

    Hope this helps and you can find it ok. Good Luck. Hang in there!!


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