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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pookiebyrd, May 26, 2003.

  1. pookiebyrd

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    does anyone have any input on how to go about writing a letter to your congressmen regarding FM/MPS and social security?/ I am starting a letter and would appreciate any info that anyone feels would be of help to include....



    Also, should I check with my attorney before I do this???
  2. MemoryLane

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    Are you lodging a complaint about SS?...Or are you trying to address an informative issue?

    I just wrote to my State's Reps but it was a combo of both of the above.

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    Hi Pookie: I started my disability saga back in March and read on this board that it might help to do a letter to my congressman. I first contacted my local office of my congressman. I live in NM and even though the congressman's office is in the state capital, there is a local office in my small town. I would suggest doing that first and telling them that you would like to have them do a "congressional inquiry" regarding your disability. I just told them that I was very concerned about the length of time it takes and the number of denials. They apparently do this quite often and should know what you're talking about. They would then be able to tell you what they need you to include in your letter requesting their help. Good luck! Leave me a message on this board if you need any more information.

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    in my letter to rhe congressmen i just asked for there help i told them how long it had been taking and the fact that i had lost my car ,my house(we were lucky we got it back)and what my denial letters said pointing out that if they read the records the could not have come to that decsion,i listed all my medical condtions for them,they wrote me a letter of support and it truley helped they also told me if i needed futhure help then that they would be there for me when the judge sent my approval letter he also included a letter that he wrote to the congressman to let him know i was approved so i know it helped,
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    This is exactly what I had to do. That's why I asked Pookie what her intentions were.

    Her Congressman/woman will request copies of her SSA file, but there is a special Release of Information addressed to the SSA for this purpose. It's on the SSA gov website and it's form SSA-3288. I am taking the form with me to the SSA field office with my redetermination request, plus I am giving one to my Congresswoman.

    This way she'll be one step ahead.

  6. pookiebyrd

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    I am trying to address the Fibro issues, like the length of time and denials from social security and also issues regarding there not being any help for us with medical costs and just daily living costs.

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