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    I am one of the many that has been denied and not willing to wait around for a hearing (at that point now). So I contacted my States Congress office and will be sending them medical records and letters soon for them to re-submit in my behalf. I about have all the medical records complete and now asking family and friends to write letters for me. What should these letters say? Is there a Certain way it should be worded?

    Any input would help..


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    Have you received a reply from your state's congressman?

    I would really be surprised if THEY would be re-submitting your SSDI application in your behalf. If I were a betting person, I would bet that they would NOT!

    They don't have your Power of Attorney to act in your behalf. We now also have all of these privacy laws, etc.

    If you have already been denied, you need to file an appeal.

    Once the SSA has acknowledged your appeal, or whatever they send you to let you know that it is under reconsideration, then you can write to your congressman and give him/her all of your pertinent info as well as why you were denied, why you feel that you are disabled and can no longer work, and that you are in a real financial hardship and need your SSDI to live on.

    You can then include letters to the congressman which reinforce your disability. It is NOT a good idea for friends and family to write these letters. What are they going to say bad about you????? Nothing.

    You need people who have been in positions to witness your disability, such as a former employer, former coworker, etc.

    I had letters such as this prepared for me and sent to the person who was administering my disability case for the SSA. I had worked at the same place for 30 years, so I had my division manager, a superintendent, a supervior, the office manager, and 2 coworkers write letters for me.

    You really need to send these letters to the SSA because they are the ones who you need to convince that you are disabled--not your congressman. You just want him to give the SSA a little kick to get them going on your claim!

    I have written to a state congressman on my sister's behalf -- but it was a request for him to help expedite her claim -- I did not send him any letters or medical files--they have no interest in that.

    Hope this info has helped.


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