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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jake123, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    What do ya'll think of just writing letters of disapproval about doctors who do not "validate" your illness and who ignore your pain?
    I also would like to know if my doctor has had any lawsuits filed against him because he is so antsy about lawsuits. He has mentioned it more than once. And it may be the reason that he chooses to ignore my pain. He rolls his eyes and says Oh, fibro that's just aches.
    I would just say in the letter something like the doctor has ignored my constant complaint of pain and has not suggested an alternate treatment. He rolls his eyes and suggests that my illness is not really an illness.
    I think it is getting ridiculous for the larger percentage of doctors to act this way.
  2. pmj952

    pmj952 New Member

    From the sounds of it, you need a new doc! I would also agree with the letter to the State Medical Board...it couldn't hurt. You never know, they might actually say something to this doctor.

    Usually, when something like this occurs there's really nothing much you can do except find another MD--one who believes in FM and knows how to treat it.

    Have you been to a rheumatologist yet?

    Deb J.
  3. wiseeagle

    wiseeagle New Member

    Hi jake,

    I think it's worth a shot. I have 3 doctors to files complaints against. and in the Medical boards recommendation
    @ least here in NC , my dr. can be sited for NO care and not
    taking care of my chronic pain!! Yes I do plan on reporting him-- he needs to retire!!! At first he was a caring, compassionate dr. , then all of a sudden he refused to give me
    anything for pain!! Believe it or not my dentist gave me pain
    med's when I got a root canal he he saw how much pain I really was in... He couldn't understand WHY my dr. refused to give me pain meds.

    Jake look under your state for the medical board site and you
    can download the forms and send them in---it's certainly worth
    trying... WE must voice our concern about drs who refuse to help with our pain!! Animals are treated more humanily than

    Hope this helps!!

    Love and Light,
  4. hubby

    hubby New Member

    have been thinking along same lines, but not stopping there. Copy to your state respresentatives in the house and congress and to Jahco as the fifth bill of rights is being grossly neglected.

    I don't understand how DEA can make a group of professionals so antzy about prescribing pain medications when it is their job, and our right. If there are abusers there will be abusers of whatever they can get their hands on. I think that the DEA should go the way of the FBI and CIA with a little going a long way.

    It seems they have way too much power and with so little policing being able to be done to real crimes, why hound Dr's that earned the right to work and wanted to help humanity. We finally are recognized as having these things and there are so many programs and symtoms that they have to recognize that pain is one of them.

    If the Dr's can finally get "it" and it is not all in our heads with research, and FMM centgers being set up, why can't the DEA have a hands off position when there is a diagnosis of CFS and or FM knowing that it is finally a recognizable sysmtom, once that they can check the Dr they can tell if he is a quack or not, ask the junkies, and leave the compassionate ones alone, or I certainly do not want to live another 30 yrs with this.

    Also will you all please say a prayer for my little puppy? I just got yesterday, drove 6 hour trip, was not easy to get him. T toy poodle. an absolute doll and played well last night, made the trip well, and a delight.

    Today I watched him go downhill but thought at first it was loneliness and tiredness. In the space of 4 hrs he got from trying to throw up and not standing up too well, but still wagging tail, to not even being able to stand up and limp like a rag doll.

    I took him to vet as soon as I could and knew they wouldl start an iv, knew he needed that, would flush out system and hydtate him, give him antibiotics and do blood work. Only think I hated no one would be there 24 hrs, would be poppiing in and with diagnosis guarded and being so sick, Dr told me they could miss a crisis.

    He wanted to play so bad I could tell but he felt soooo bad like I do and God put him in my heart, and I cannot stand another loss after making up my mind to finally get another dog.

    Please pray he will be okay, he is 9 weeks old, and is so darling, so little and frail, but from a reputable kennel and guarnantee with other dogs, and she had him to vet a lot, with tail bobbed, duclaws removed and dewormed, 2 sets of shots so now just need three, so he is and was not neglected. He did not tremble or anything when I brought him home, just fit right in wherever we went, and did not get car sick even. Thank you

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  5. orachel

    orachel New Member

    PROPERLY AND LIKE A HUMAN BEING!...Then file massive complaints about this one. I saw one doc one time who acted like I was the biggest malingerer known to man. I walked out of his office totally hysterical, and took me a couple days to realize the problem wasn't with me, but him! I wouldn't waste one second on him (even on filing a complaint) until you find a new doctor. Then, when you file your complaint against the old doc, you include findings from the new doc which totally refute the old doc that you're just moaning about aches and pains.
    Just my 2 cents...
  6. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    If they are preoccupied with prescribing something that is an opiode then it's ALL ABOUT THEM - not me. Shouldn't it be about me????
    I think I am going to call my insurance company and ask them if they know a doctor who is FM/CFS knowledgable. I sure don't want to start from day one with meds and all.
  7. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    You have fanned the flame. I am composing the letter. I just can't tell you how worthless this guy is. He was going to give me a shot of Imitrex one day with shots I had bought and he shot both of them into the air. I can't remember how much it cost but it was at least $25 or $30.

    My husband asked me what I talked about when I was on this board and I just said These people understand what it is like to hurt all over every day and not have any pain medication to help you - They don't forget from day to day that I am in pain.
  8. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    I just changed doctors as the doctor I had was also so worried about the DEA or something questioning pain medication that although she did give me some Vicodin, she made my life frazzled because she didn't give enough and I was always on edge, trying to do with less so she wouldn't be angry and not give me anymore. She always made a snide remark about my use of Vic. Such stress!

    Now, she has somewhat of an excuse as she is a fairly new doctor, but I just couldn't stand the stress. I was able to go back to my former doc (insurance problems made me leave him for a bit), and I was treated like the person I am...enough meds for the month and refills to last about 6 months.

    You don't need the stress and you do need the pain relief. I hope that you will find a good doctor and get help soon. I'm also glad you found this board because everyone does know about pain and about trying to find a competent doctor to help. Hang in there...you will make it.


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