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    I know a certain number of board readers here have been damaged by Levaquin or other florquinolones antibiotics.

    There are many sites about Levaquin/Cipro damage on the net.

    Most do not have boards but a few do have message posting but none of these are even close to the developed format and readership that this site has.

    Therefore I wanted to post about Levaquin damage and getting legal help for this on this board first.

    It's bad enough that the "Big Gun" broad spectrum antibiotics damage so many people and really changes their lives in huge negative ways but, to add injury to injury, our legal system has abandoned 99% of the the victims of this horrible drug class.

    Here is how.

    If you somehow die or your liver fails after taking Levaquin/Cipro etc., and they can prove that this is what caused your death, you can get an attorney to help you in suing the makers of this drug and perhaps those who administered it.

    However, if you are one of the thousands who have been damaged in between minor damage to your body and death by these antibiotics, you can't.

    It's that simple.

    How do I know this? Because for the last year I have called between 100 and 200 attorneys across the country and presented my case to them and found this out.

    That is a huge cross section and I believe proof that my final assesment about the complete lack of representation for anyone who hasn't died or had their liver fail because of the floroquinolones is true.

    This is an injustice. A huge and real injustice.

    I have been effected so badly by Levaquin that my joints and tendons and central nervous system and possibly my entire immune system and intestinal tract have all be damaged. So badly that I can't stand without pain. My shoulders, arms, even hands are so weakened and painful that I feel this even while typing.

    I have developed bronchial asthma, sinusitis, scarring in my left lung, nerve damage with temperature sensitivities and tremors and other related symptoms. I get rashes, I have endocrinology issues and I pick up bugs much more often than before and I have anxiety and depression problems...all "clearly" starting within one or two days of being prescribed and taking a 7 day course of Levaquin and "no other medicines or drugs" and after not taking any medications or drugs for years previous.

    And I had "none" of these symptoms until I took Levaquin and "no other drug." 54 years of living without any of these symptoms and they all came on within one week of taking Levaquin.

    Pretty hard to completely "dismiss" Levaquin as a prime suspect in this instant physical breakdown in my 54 years of common sense thinking.

    Yet not one of almost 200 attorneys I have called will even consider my case. When I ask them why, they usually give some prepared rational for only taking death cases such as when you go up against the massive drug companies you'd better have a death case.

    Nobody wants anything but a "locked in" case to present to a jury. And if the decedent has died, you pretty much can exect to win these cases.

    Right or wrong...what does that mean to the thousands of us who have been damaged so much by these drugs that they have ruined our lives financially, career wise, socially and even our married relationships, etc.???

    I just wanted to point out that Americans who are damaged by too powerful of drugs that are being prescribed more than they should be, are being devestatingly damaged by three perpetrators. Three major parts of our society who take "oaths " to protect us.

    First, the doctors who jump to prescribing these super powerful drugs ( for who knows what reasons, ego? See, I healed you quick? kickbacks? ) when they could and should try less powerful medicines first, then the drug companies who are making 10's of BILLIONS of dollars in profit off of the super powerful and super expensive drugs ( better money makers than the less potent ones ) and then finally our society of attorneys, who have gotten so selective of who they defend anymore that in between dead or brain dead people and those who haven't been injured at all... you cannot find justice anywhere for anything less than death anymore!

    And throw in our federal and even state legislators for enabling this whole sick and almost criminally unjust breakdown of protection for the majority of damaged Americans in between death and non-injury!

    And thank you Bush for capping many suits to $250,000 which has also encouraged attorneys to abandon all the injured who haven't died. And the corporate people behind Bush and company who knew that his capping of these awards would do just that.

    This is a sad fact in this country now. A tragic fact.

    And lastly, I have also not found one doctor out of hundreds and hundreds of inquiries who wll even consider taking my treatment on from the point of view that levaquin damaged me and triggered and/or caused my current maladies.

    Just mentioning the word "Levaquin" to a doctor brings silence and you can see and even feel them working their wheels trying to come up with a way to get you away from them, yet with some other excuse.

    Our doctors and now our lawyers have abandoned us in this area. Protection and justice are not made available to all of us who have been damaged. That's a fact and I will post as long as I can to keep exposing this fact.
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    Thanks for posting. Although my symptoms are not as severe as yours, my CFS started the day that I received Levaquin in the hospitel in June 2000. The more I research, the more it makes sense. Burning pain across my shoulders, arms, and back, and the feeling I was dying. My brain was fried and I felt I was going into shock.

    Sound familiar?

  3. cherylsue

    cherylsue Member

    Thanks for posting. Although my symptoms are not as severe as yours, my CFS started the day that I received Levaquin in the hospitel in June 2000. The more I research, the more it makes sense. Burning pain across my shoulders, arms, and back, and the feeling I was dying. My brain was fried and I felt I was going into shock.

    Two years later I had another relapse after being given Cipro. Same fried brain feeling.

    Sound familiar?

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    i am responding to a post but wish i had posted a topic. i would like to add to these already mentioned,biaxin (bad one for me) also levaquin, ceflex,zithromax,and several others. i do know this. i can come out of a flare for 2 or 3 days and if he prescribes one of these for sinus infection , in my case, about the 2nd or 3rd day that i am on them i have to stop!the pain in my muscles becomes unbearable!! i just have to put up with the infection. it is better than the cure! the last time that i was in , i asked 3 times for penicillin and finally i got amoxicillin. it was better. now after 2 weeks, another sinus infection. i have had so many of these that it has eaten a hole in my septum and now the infection goes into the lining of my brain. can anyone help me? this is dangerous. one time they had me on these antibiotics for 18 months straight!>>>>ski
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    The Mayo Clinic and Dr. Teitelbaum, a CFS doc, think that chronic sinus infections are due to a chronic yeast infection and treat it as such.

    A few people on this board are treating their sinus infections with a yeast protocol proposed by Dr. William Wong using Cream of Tartar in low doses. It has been helping with yeast infections.

    You might want to check it out from posts on this board.

  6. 139864

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    It's quite true " knowledge is power "

    I KNOW that THEY KNOW how HAZARDOUS they are ...But still can't win !!!!!!

    Have you ever worked , been in close contact with chemicals ???

    Brenda uk

    Patients reporting sensitivity to multiple chemicals at levels usually tolerated by the healthy population were administered standardized questionnaires to evaluate their symptoms and the exposures that aggravated these symptoms. Many patients were referred for medical tests. It is thought that patients with chemical sensitivity have organ abnormalities involving the liver, nervous system (brain, including limbic, peripheral, autonomic), immune system, and porphyrin metabolism, probably reflecting chemical injury to these systems. Laboratory results are not consistent with a psychologic origin of chemical sensitivity. Substantial overlap between chemical sensitivity, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome exists: the latter two conditions often involve chemical sensitivity and may even be the same disorder. Other disorders commonly seen in chemical sensitivity patients include headache (often migraine), chronic fatigue, musculoskeletal aching, chronic respiratory inflammation (rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, asthma), attention deficit, and hyperactivity (affected younger children). Less common disorders include tremor, seizures, and mitral valve prolapse. Patients with these overlapping disorders should be evaluated for chemical sensitivity and excluded from control groups in future research. Agents whose exposures are associated with symptoms and suspected of causing onset of chemical sensitivity with chronic illness include gasoline, kerosene, natural gas, pesticides (especially chlordane and chlorpyrifos), solvents, new carpet and other renovation materials, adhesives/glues, fiberglass, carbonless copy paper, fabric softener, formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde, carpet shampoos (lauryl sulfate) and other cleaning agents, isocyanates, combustion products (poorly vented gas heaters, overheated batteries), and medications (dinitrochlorobenzene for warts, intranasally packed neosynephrine, prolonged antibiotics, and general anesthesia with petrochemicals). Multiple mechanisms of chemical injury that magnify response to exposures in chemically sensitive patients can include neurogenic inflammation (respiratory, gastrointestinal, genitourinary), kindling and time-dependent sensitization (neurologic), impaired porphyrin metabolism (multiple organs), and immune activation. -- Environ Health Perspect 105(Suppl 2):417-436 (1997)

  7. joeb7th

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    In the very beginning of my down fall I was tested for many things by GI doc. One of the things that came back was yeast in stool.

    And in last 6 months I have developed for the first time in my life, bronchial asthma, sinusitis and scarring in left lung.

    Does this Dr. Teitlebaum powder stuff help any of you?

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