Lexapro For or Against? Need help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Wolverine, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. Wolverine

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    Hi all. Just wondering something here.. as i just read an old very long string on lexapro - someone had started a post about lex withdrawals. Then theres a huge string on weight issues with it etc. Many people said its bad coming off etc, and causes huge weight gain and so fourth.

    This wasnt the best news to hear, as my girlfriend has been taking it for about the last 4 months or so. She used to be quite depressed and get angry and irritable quickly.. it caused alot of probs between us and made me anxious and very stressed often, which i cant afford with CFS and fibro etc. Now that shes been on them though a few months.. she is in a MUCH better mood most of the time and we dont have hardly any problems! Shes so much better than before and things are great between us now, when they used to be on the edge and unstable.

    I hate hearing so many bad things about it as its something thats helping our life now.. but im worried that long term it might do her harm / or will she be worse if stopping it? im not sure. Shes gained some weight on it too, about 15 pounds. But we thought that just to be that shes been eating more since weve been together hanging along, which she has.. but not sure.

    One side effect that is insanely difficult, is that it TOTALLY flattened her sex drive.. we hardly do anything much at all cause of it. Anyone got any ideas for that aspect?

    Also, perhaps in a few months, i was thinking of trying to wean her off it and put her on a decent dose of 5htp? That will be more expensive than lexapro im sure. But if long term it would be better.. then we'd have to think about it. All i know is that if she stops things might get bad between us again, and i really dont want that, i love her and can't take how things get when she doesnt have this drug etc.

    Any info would help, thanks guys. ~Chris.
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    I know what you mean about AD's in general. There are countless posts bashing anti-depressants of all kinds, Effexor and Cymbalta are popular to trash currently. And I'm not for a minute minimizing past experiences some members have had with them---if they've caused untold grief for a person, from side effects to withdrawals, then that's certainly very legitimate, and these drugs are NOT something that person would want to try again. Totally understood.

    I don't take any of them, never have, but I wouldn't close out a whole class of drugs if I needed one. I hear a lot of "doctors hand them out like candy!!" Maybe so---I saw countless doctors over the years for FM and only once had a doctor even mention an AD as a panacea for FM...I guess I haven't seen the same doctors as others here.

    The thing is, if a person is seriously clinically depressed, OR has one of several conditions that an AD is ALSO prescribed for, it might be worth considering, unless you've had a bad experience in the past, in which case of course it's not for you.

    My husband recently started on Effexor for severe diabetic neuropathy in his feet. No, he's not depressed, but Effexor is also prescribed for neuropathic pain (as is Cymbalta). He had had this neuropathy for several years (common to many type 2 diabetics) and recently it had gotten bad enough that he'd stopped most all exercise, like walking, running, hiking----all good things to do, but all things he'd quit because of the severe, debilitating foot pain.

    Long story short, he started Effexor, and his pain is literally GONE....may not work that well for everyone, but for him it's worth any side effects (minimal the first couple of days, gone now) or careful withdrawal he may someday need to go through. He's walking, hiking and started running again last night for the first time in years. He wouldn't trade this feeling for anything.

    So---if your girlfriend is finding more plusses than minuses from Lexapro, it just may be a godsend. As far as the sex drive, can't help there---maybe it'd be worth asking the doctor about that one. I'm just saying, everybody is different---I hear almost nothing but bad things about AD's, too, but you've got to go by YOUR experience, I think.

    Good luck to you both!


  3. Wolverine

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    Thanks alot for your response.

    Yeah that sounds amazing im really glad it helped your husband that much! Is he doing anything to treat the diabetes? Theres some good info on dr mercola's site, just type diabetes into the search. Even though the med proffession say there isnt a cure, i personally believe people can cure it (type 2) if they do enough of the right things, and really try. Also theres a supposed herbal formula that is like magic for type II. Developed over many years by a chinese specialist i think, cant remember the name, though i could possibly find out.

    Thanks again.. i think for now she can stay on it, but id be worried about it becoming years thats all. & no idea what to do for sex drive! lol.

    Hope ur well. ~Chris.
  4. Wolverine

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    Hi petemora. thanks for that..

    Good to hear you are getting benefit from it and therefore staying on it. Those older class anti deps also have alot of drawbacks.. weight gain being a major one even more so than the SSRI's i believe. People gain alot on those. Also they make you generally more tired and so fourth. Because they effect a much wider area - all 3 neurotransmitters, they are also not selective, and therefore usually have more side effects. Its cool that dr said it doesnt effect functioning.. hopefully thats the truth! :)

    Good to hear your losing the weight from whatever it was that put it on. How are you going about that? And is it working even being on lexa? My girl is currently doing SUPER low carb to lose the weight she gained. Hopefully it works cause shes been down about it.

    Hehe yeah they tend to. Im hoping we can find something that doesnt effect the drive too! Thing is i think lexapro, like celexa is a milder one, and wouldnt want to put her on any of the very strong ones like effexor etc. I dont think that would be good long term. I may in the future try out 5HTP for her, but not sure if that works good as SSRI's or not.

    Anyway, thanks heaps and hope ur doin well! ~Chris.

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