Lexapro=thumbs up, side fx subsided, disappeared

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    Hi everyone
    i just wanted to say what a great turn around i had with lexapro. i started at 5mg, then 10 mg, and was sleeping like bear in winter. then months later, i adapted and moved up to 20mg and the day after taking the 20mg dose, I was NORMAl again. I mean, I 'm talking no sign of depression anywhere and I literally woke up laughing and loving life all over again. Lexapro and counseling real helped me and practically saved me. I have no side fx from lexapro, they all went away (sleeping all day and nausea), and i must say FM is so much easier to deal handle without the mental clarity probs and depression. I am getting back to exercise too and my mood has practically stabilized for weeks now. I have to thank the drug for helping pull out of the dark cloud. my life is ever more peaceful and happy.
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    Is it a newer drug in tthe world of medications?
    Is it a antidepressant?
    PS I am so happy you are finding some relief! I don't know you at all but your sounding pretty perky!
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    I too, have had great results with Lexapro.
    I had been fighting depression, actually denying it for quite sometime, and it finally got to the point there was no denying anymore.
    I have been on 10mg. a.m., for a month and a half now. It began working immediately. The grief, depression, and irritablility lifted immediately. I am very drug resistant, and had no sleepiness, or grogginess at all with it. Just the positive results of enjoying life.

    One word though, Lexapro is an SSRI, and does have detrimental long term effects which are irreversible. Please look into the long term consequences of SSRI's.

    I intend to begin weaning myself in three months, and see how it goes. I am hoping that the onset of depression was a result of finally accepting these DD's and the grief that resulted. However if depression is chronic, I will address that at that time, and deal with it. I will never let myself suffer for so long again.

    Glad to see ya lovin' life again! Me too! LL

    Yes, it is an antidepressant, fairly new....it is a take off, just slightly different from celexa.

    LEXAPRO is an antidepressant that is the newest member of the family of medications known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). LEXAPRO was developed by isolating a part of the CELEXA TM (citalopram HBr) molecule, known as an isomer. As a result, LEXAPRO appears to offer some particular advantages in the treatment of depression:

    In clinical trials, LEXAPRO 10 mg/day demonstrated comparable efficacy to a higher dose of CELEXA 40 mg/day.

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    Hi, welcome to the board. Glad to hear that you have found something that is helping you, and that you have shared it with all of us.

    HOpe we hear from you soon, and that you continue to improve.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    How long did it take before the sleepiness went away?
    I had the same problem and gave up Lexapro after 4 days because I couldn't stand sleeping all day and all night.
    I am considering trying it again. I didn't get any support or feedback from doctor during this time, needless to say I fired that doc. Maybe I gave up too soon?
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    and he had to go off it cause his card wont pay for lexapro anymore. I'm kinda glad they did take him off it cause he wanted to sleep all day and his whole personality changes..I did not like that side of him. Now they have him on zoloft 100 mgs aand I can tell a big difference.
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    My sister is on this and we've seen a huge turn around for her. While it didn't work right away, I do not think it made her anymore tired then she was.
    6 weeks later and we're seeing some huge improvements!
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    i had side effects of sleeping all day and not wanting to eat for about a week. It was tough but I kept it up by starting at 5mg, then 10mg and then now all the way up to 20. it's fabulous, i sometimes feel like i have a personality change, but then realize, no way, I am just back to my normal, happy self. I have absolutely no worries, sad thoughts, or irritability. i mean, i feel sad when i hear or see something sad, or think about something personal, but i just don't get trapped into focussing on those depressed thoughts. i give it a thumbs up for sure. it really has saved my life, and i am happy even with FM!
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    My sister upped hers yesterday to 30mg. 20 was working but but she felt it may be too low of a dose. However with the 20 I saw major improvements... Im very happy her doctor was willing to at least up it, working with her to see if it makes any change....