Lexapro what is your does?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by code34me, May 15, 2006.

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    Just started Lexapro after being on Cymabata for over a year. I asked my doc if I could change to something that would maybe give me more engery. She agreed that some people on Cymbalta did feel very groggy on it. It did help with the pain level but I have a 3 year ols son and a 13 year old daughter and want to feel alive for them not like a zombie. My doc gave me an RX for 20mg once a day for 30 days. I was wondering if this was a low dose, normal dose or high?

    Just a wonderin as usual!

  2. code34me

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  3. code34me

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  4. granny1353

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    I started out on 10 mg and am still on that for 4 years. I love it no side effects that I can tell.

    I think the 20 mg. is to much also.
    Have a great day, I am off to my parents now as they are moving to a condo.

    Love, Granny
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    I was on 90mg of Cymbalta so 20mg of Lexapro sounded low to me but from the replys I am not worried about it being to low of a dose anymore! Thank you so much!

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    I've been on Cymbalta, 60 mg., for a few months now. For some reason, it stopped working a week ago. I've been stressed out pretty badly, so maybe that was the reason I thought it had stopped working.

    I went to my doctor yesterday and she put me on 10mg of Lexapro. I've been reading all about it on these boards and hope it works. I take diclofenac for pain, so it's mostly for my depression.

    If it kills my appetite, that would be a plus! And if it helps with my fibro fog, I'll take it forever! My brain stopped working about a month ago when the weather started changing every day.
  7. BlueSky555

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    Hi Codey,

    I began on 10 mgs of the lexapro and now taking 20mgs. I have gained some weight and did an experiment, which I posted about a week or 2 ago. I would NOT recommend this to anyone because I just wanted to know for myself and we are all different and may have different effect on someone else. I went back to 10 mgs for a couple of weeks and lost some weight, went back on 20mgs and gained again. Like I said, that's my system. I REALLY need the 20mgs for the depression but think I wrote in my post that weight gain causes depression as well so it's an endless circle.

    I don't know what mgs you were on and I know nothing about Cymbalta but this is how the lexapro affects my system. I do agree that your Dr. should start you on a low dose and work up according to you.

    Hope this helps a little,

  8. RunninCrazy

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    I'm also on 20mg. I was on 10 for a while, but the suicidal thoughts were bombarding me, so we upped the dose. I switched to Lexapro from Effexor because Lexapro is supposed to help with both anxiety and depression, whereas Effexor is just mainly for one of them. (Can't remember which.) I started at 10mg right away and didn't start with a little dose, either. Just jumped right in! Hope this helps!