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    Anyone out there taking Lexapro for anxiety?I think Ive been having complications from it when I looked it up online,Some of my problems were there side effects,Such as swallowing and feeling like something stuck behind breastbone,Muscle pains,Ect.Ive just stopped taking it,and will see Dr.in 2 days to discuss this,and get put on something else,Cause definitly need something for anxiety,But Im hoping I was right and that was the cause of belching and feeling of something stuck when swallowing,although not in throat,Can anyone relate?
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    and it did not make any difference in my fibro. I did not have any side effects except for the weight gain that I always get with anit depressents.

    I quit taking it and do not feel any different.

    As far as your side effects I did not have any of those. But would be hard for me to know if I really did or not as I have acid refluxe.

    Let us know what your DR. says

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    I had hardly any problems with it, and unfortunately no relief either. It takes 6 weeks before you see any result, and a week or more with side effects. One have to be patient I guess. I got Lexapro before I found out I had RA and (waiting for FM diagnosis). My depression was merely a symptom, so I saw no need to continue since I thought it was the depression that made me achy! LOL! Bah, humbug, I say. If you have been taking it for a wehile and had a high dose it may be a good idea to step down the doses for your body to get used to stopping the meds. For anxiety I would try anti anxiety medication instead. Docs like to diagnose us with a generalized depression w/ anxiety, instead of hitting the anxiety head on if there is no real depression.
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    Please explain your same problems as me on lexapro,Did you really feel that swallowing thing?I hope you get this and respond,Thanks
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    OOps guess I was wrong,Thought this was for anxiety,But yes my profile is as follows,I am 40 years old,Have had fibro since I was 34.Was on lexapro before,took myself off but couldnt remember why.Now maybe I know.Do also have reflux.Have been on AntiDepressents,many.Tried Wellbutrin,But felt real funny on it.
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    Yes Ive been on this about 6 weeks,Maybe I should just lower doage before I see Dr.Dont need any other side effects.
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    I had been having difficulty swallowing from June 2003 until January 2005. I had tests and they stretched my throat. It did not help. Guess what? In January,I stopped taking Lexapro. I had started having weird thoughts and felt that it was being caused by Lexapro. When I stopped the Lexapro that stopped also. If it had not been for your post, I would not have figured this out. Thanks! I changed to Cymbalta and I felt better for several months but it is not working any longer. I have found out that long term use of Neurontin caused problems with word searching and brain fog. It makes me wonder how many of our symptoms are the same because they subscribe the same meds to a lot of us. Thanks again for the post.