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    I've recently started taking Lexapro for depression and found it has a dynamic turn around time for lifting my mood and increasing activity level. The problem is, it's made and dispensed in 10 and 20 mgs only. The insert and pharmacy tell me that 20 works just as well as the 10, but I disagree with that and have questions for all who read these messages.
    Has anyone here, ever taken Lexapro?
    What strength did you level out at?
    As it happens, I continued to up the dosage to 40mgs myself and found that this is where I need to be in order to function at what I feel is normal, without the crying jags, feelings of worthlessness..etc all the baggage that goes along with depression. I've been told there are no long term studies done on Lexapro, and thats why the dosage is somewhat low when being dispensed. Can anyone help me on this subject??? PLEASE??
    I can tell the difference in the way I feel between lowering from 40 to 30 mgs, and need someone else's opinion on this subject. Thank you, Mary
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    Hi Mary. I too am taking Lexapro. I started last month with 10mgs. and my doctor raised to 20mg. because I am also taking 200mgs. of zoloft. I feel a difference too for the better, but I also find that trying to lose a few pounds has become much harder since taking the lexapro. hope this helps. Vorbi1
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    OH MY GOSH!! i never put the two together regarding weight gain. No wonder i'm a two ton tubby !!
    But what can i say ? I don't care, i'm happy hahhahahah
    Honestly though, i'm feeling so much better it's incredible in the difference
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    I started taking lexapro last fall and it is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have suffered with depression for over 6 years and have been on almost all the main SSRI's with no relief. I started on just 10mg of lexapro and it seems to be doing great! The depression is gone but I am also suffering from Fibromyalgia so I physically don't feel very well. But at least my mood is good. I gained 30 pounds in just 2 months when I was on a different med (can't remember which one) and I stopped taking it. But now I can't seem to loose it no matter what I do. I didn't put the connection together until just now that maybe the lexapro is inhibiting the weight loss. But at least I am not gaining any more.
    Anyway, I just wanted to sing the praises of lexapro! It was a life saver for me!!!!!!!!
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    Hi, this comes directly from the site of Lexapro literature. on the web site. What can I say? I've just been eating way to many blueberry muffins to blame the weight gain on lexapro..you think?

    Does LEXAPRO cause weight gain?
    People treated with LEXAPRO experienced no clinically important weight change as a result of therapy. If you have concerns about any side effects, you should talk with your healthcare professional or doctor.

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    I love lexapro, it works so much better than any other I have tried. I am at 20mg, and I still have some depressive feelings as well, however I dont think it is very wise to raise your doses yourself. Have you talked with your dr about the doses you are taking?
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    yes i've talked with my doctor about it and everything is fine. thx for your concern.
    by the way, what they considered a long term study was only 36 weeks, so i don't know what they could've possible found out in that short of time. Plus, i'm willing to take the risk as opposed to the other which was suicidle tendencies and hospitalization.
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    Hi everyone. I pray for us all to get back to feeling good again. I know i've fighting depression all my life and kept resisting taking anti-depressants. I would take em and then feel better and get off em. then another stressful situation would come along and boom, depressed again. Well i started having vision problems in dec 02, due to rk surgery 17yrs ago and the slow change of age, i'm 42 now. Thats when I started haveing anziety attacks. I'm on 20mg of lexapro & 1.5 mg of klonopin. seems to help once i get going ,but getting up in the morning is tuff some. but i've been setting my alarm and being sure i get on up. i've taken all kinds of depression meds, and they all made me feel funky for long times. but lexapro hasn't. i've been on this for almost 2 months, i was on 10mg lex for two wks prior. i'm praying alot
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    YEAHHHHH...another successful lexapro user !!! thats great.
    The lexapro doesn't make me sleepy at all, in fact I think it might give me the get up and go. What do u take klonipin for may I ask? If you think kl makes it hard for you to get up in the a.m., maybe you could take it earlier in the evening and let it start working.
    I'm so happy to hear your success with lexapro, honestly..I think i'm setting myself up for the guinna pig for mg levels though, but as opposed to the depression, i'm willing to take the chance and pay the price.
    I had been on the original before lexapro, so when i switched to the new one, it worked immediatly for me. What i've found out though is I cannot go more than two days without my dose. Thats how powerful it works for me. I started out at the designated 10mgs, then 15, then 20, I kept boosting it on my own until I felt leveled out and now take 40 mgs in the morning.I FEEL WONDERFUL.
    Glad you're doing good on it. take care