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    Long story here, so I will try to keep it short.
    Since '99 I have had a broken femur, too low for hip replacement apparently, and after the initial break caused by an auto accident, the hardware has failed several times resulting in 7 fixes in all to this leg which is now almost 3 inches too short. 1 fusion in my neck, 2 repaired disks in my mid and lower back, arthroscopic surg on left knee, detatched elbow muscle repaired, bone taken from 3 corners of my pelvic bone for the femur repairs, had my right shoulder scoped a year ago for a torn rotator cuff, labrum, and calcium chunks floating around in there, and now after a fall, I tore the labrum again, and doc says the ct scan results mean my best option in shoulder replacement which is coming up feb 12th. When docs look at my mri,s they are taken aback with the amount of arthritis I have in my shoulders, joints, spine, etc. considering I am only 43.
    Now, on to my question...
    I have always been taught that a person who commits suicide spends eternity in hell. Due to the constant pain I have been in for the last 15 yrs, I think about this subject alot because I am quite fearful of what my life will be like in another 10-15 yrs.
    so my question is...isn,t there something in the bible that says a person who commits suicide because they are enduring pain that they cannot cope with will not be punished?
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    I'm gonna take the liberty to respond to you with what I have understood of the spiritual laws and laws of nature regardless of whatever religion you belong too. Let me first say I hope you find a way to relief your pain that doesn't mean ending your life. I understand it and have felt the same for quite a long time earlier in my life but don't believe it is a solution, and whether you feel what I understood applies to you or not is up to you but at least I have to share it and I hope it will bring you some relief somehow.

    The way I understand it heaven and hell are time periods the earth goes through. Just like nature goes through spring summer fall and winter. If you didn't know about spring it would be hard to believe that all is going to be better after winter turns into spring again. And it isn't hard to tell that earth isn't quite heaven for anyone right now. We all suffer in one way or the other and yet we all long for better times. We don't need a hell somewhere down below to suffer, the suffering is taking place right now and we all are a part of it.

    The way I understand it this time and age is a time of settlement of whatever we build up as a human race in going from using nature to abusing nature including our own bodies which are also made up of the five elements. Not a punishment put on us by someone, but simply the law of cause and effect that effect the entire planet. No single one to blame but we all have to deal with it one way or another. It is the soul that is suffering through the matter.

    And ending the matter/body isn't ending the account of us souls. So in that way I don't believe ending your life is going to be a solution. However I do hope you will find a way to relieve your suffering. I hope you understand that God is Love and is not causing our suffering or punishing us but is trying to help us understand the laws and go through it the best way we can and to reconnect to our spiritual existence as souls.

    Understanding myself to be the soul and not the body has helped me a great deal in coping with whatever life is presenting me. It gives some distance to the suffering whilst having to endure it knowing I am NOT the body. I am the soul in this body. And it IS hard when you get a lot on your plate and it doesn't seem to be managable some way. I hope any of this makes sense to you and can be of some help. Other then that I hope you find a docter who can help you manage your pain better so that you can at least enjoy the little things in life that are still enjoyable.

    All the best to you, hope you find the wisdom and strenght and right support to make the right choices for you!
  3. If you're feeling suicidal, I would call a GOOD pain clinic to manage your pain better.
    An effort is being made in the US Government to classify intense, intractable pain as a disease in itself. I pray it succeeds.
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    Hi. I am really concerned to hear you are feeling this way so am taking the opportunity to reply, even though it has been a long time since you have posted this query. I hope I can answer your question well enough to give you both peace about hell and enough hope for the future for you to feel more positive. I hope you have a bible handy. I will put in brackets the scriptures behind my explanations. I will also make you aware that my answers are not common to a lot of bible readers. Also, I understand the feelings that can help to reach where you are, I have reached them myself, but my love for my creator and his promised hope has really helped me to cope.
    Firstly I will address why suicide is considered a sin. One of the commandment given early in the bible (Exodus 20 verse 13) is "You must not murder." To take ones life is self murder. Also at Revelation 21 v 8 it tells us that murderer will be thrown into the lake of fire. Herein lies the belief of eternal torment in hell. Is this interpretation of the meaning behind the scriptures correct? I will give you a number of reasons why I
    do not believe so.
    1) Our creator is a God of Love. (1 John 4 v8) Does this sound like something a loving father would do?
    2) When the Judeans began the practice of burning their sons and daughters in the fie, Almighty God said he hadn't commanded it, it was something that had not come into his heart. ( Jeremiah 7 v 31) We are his children. Would he put us through fire forever?
    3)The bible states that the wages sin pays is death. If by death, we have paid for our sins, should we be continually punished by fire forever? ?( Romans 6 v 23)
    4)Also in Romans 6 v 7 we are told that if we die we are acquitted of our sins.
    5) Fire in the bible represents eternal destruction for sinners. (2 Thessalonians 1v6-9) also referred to as the 2nd death (Revelations 20 v10, 14 ,15) where Satan will be hurled.
    6) The bible tells us that the dead are unconscious and that the soul itself dies. (Ecclesiasties 9 v 5,10 Psalms 146 v 4 Ezekiel 18 v 4) Jesus said Lazarus was sleeping when he died. Death is therefore a sleeplike state.( John 11 v 11-14)
    7)Two word, Sheol (Hebrew) and Hades (Greek) are both rendered hell in the bible. They are also rendered grave and pit. This seems to be based on the biblical scholars preconceived ideas of what should be represented in each scriptures. Both words are used for the common grave and this is my understanding of hell.
    8) Good people go to Hades, even Jesus. People can come out of Sheol and Hades. It is not eternal ( Acts 2 V 31, 32. Revelation 20 v 13) This is because we all die.
    While there are other scriptures used for hell, these can also be understood in the context of what the bibles itself says about death. I can explain them if you have any further questions.
    So where did hellfire teachings originate? They can be traced back to Early Babylon and Assyrian non Jewish or non Christian religions. These ideas have been mixed with what the bible teaches and scriptures found to try and back up these teachings. They are not what our creator taught through his holy word the Bible. So to sum up, Hell is the common grave. the lake of fire is eternal destruction from which there is no resurrection. consider also, if we all go to heaven or hell when we die, why are we promised a resurrection for the righteous and the wicked.(John 5 v 28, 29.) and how could the sea give up those dead in it if they are already elsewhere. There are biblical answers for this also.
    Should this however mean that taking our own life is ok soon there is no hell? No . Life is a gift from God. ( James 1 v 17) Only he can give it and it is not for us to be abused or not appreciated. In fact one who takes his life removes the opportunity to repent of this very sin. It is not up to humans to judge whether a person should be forgiven, whether he will get a resurrection if he was to commit this sin but only up to God who searches all hearts and every thought and inclination. (1 chronicles 28 v 9) The man Job who has his own book in the bible comes to mind. He underwent terrible trials and heartache, along with health problems . He would have been in considerable physical pain and a lot of mental anguish. He relied on God for help and was very much blessed for his endurance. It would probably be of assistance to you if you read the book in its entirety. Also Almighty God has promised a time for all pain and suffering to be done away with. (Revelation 21 v 3). This , according to all bible prophicies will take place very soon. I would be happy to let you know about this if you are interested. Until that time we are encouraged to rely on God for help of all forms of troubles. { Psalms 145 v 19. 1John 5 v 14. Proverbs 3 v 5,6. Psalms 62 v 8} Pray, gaining knowledge and thus establishing a close relationship with him will give us the strength to overcome things we can not cope with alone. Also rely on a close friend for understanding and support. { Proverbs 17 v 11} Then we will definitely be there to enjoy a wonderful future that God has promised and be able to endure now. Hope some of this helps you with your answers and I am always willing to talk and share what I have learned, if you should like to. In the meantime, you will be in my prayers. Sent with Christian Love
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    This is the first time I have read any thing on this site and was just looking for the information on FM sufferers and their improvements with using this fitness guide, when the first forum I entered and read was LF someone who knows the bible. I have gotten so much more understanding from your reply to CBL 13 post, that I felt like there was no coincidence that I was drawn here to read it. I am not thinking of taking my life, but I do look forward to the relief of pain and mental anguish. This is all very new to me and I am not sure how it would be possible to communicate or if it is possible from here. I would love to hear more of your understanding of our creation and process. Thank you so much for your post.
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    Thanks so much for your reply to my post. Would you believe, it is the first time I have ever posted anything and had also just found the forums too. I felt compelled to answer, having genuine feeling for what CBL 13 was feeling. I am not really computer savvy. I have read that you can get into chat rooms but haven't figured out how as yet, or if everyone is able to listen in . I dont know the rules as to whether there is a way to exchange emails without having them posted. If I find out, I'd be happy to contact you. I believe that a hope for the future is a must for anyone suffering chronic illness and the bible really does supply a solid basis for that hope so I am happy to share what I have learned with others. I have suffered with CFS and fibro for 27 years and like you look forward to true health again.I love the promise in Isaiah 33: 24 where Almighty God promises a time when no resident will say "I am sick." It has strengthened me many times over these years. Isaiah 40:29-31 is another of my favorites. as is 2 Corinthians 4 ;16-18.If we can contact each other, we will have to exchange counties we live in to be able to communicate at a good time for us both. I will see what I can find out and if I discover a channel , will get back to you. It is wonderful to be able to encourage people we dont know with these forums. It has been a education to me to see how many people are looking for answers today, so I am glad I was able to share with you and that I helped you with a little understanding.
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    CBL 1 3, how did the shoulder replacement go? How are you doing?

    Elmay01 and TunaMermaid, you can private message on this site, and exchange email addresses, etc.

    There are a few ways to access the PM feature. Here's the way I do it.

    Just click on the username of who you want to message.

    Then on the pop-up box that shows, click Start Conversation. Then type your message and click Submit.

    When you have a message to you in your Inbox, the Alerts in the GREEN area near the top right of the page will have a red number on it, to let you know you have a message or messages.

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    You can also hover your arrow over your username in the GREEN area of the top right of page, for a drop down menu of other options on this site too.

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    This apparently works after you make at least 5 Posts. Must make a couple more posts to Qualify. Thankyou for your information however. Much appreciated, Lylie
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