Licorce and Adrenals

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  1. Spoonerpaws

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    What form of licorce do you take?

    The candy kind????
  2. klutzo

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    I found an old post with a question from you in it. You can find my reply in the post "Adrenal Stress Index test results in". I do not take licorice due to high blood pressure, so I can't answer this one, sorry. I do know that licorice root is supposed to be bad (can't remember why), and that many alt. practitioners prefer deglycerrizzed licorice.
  3. Joyce1

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    i used it overly and now have panic all the time. try ashwaganda instead. but alsways rest too.

  4. sb439

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    licorice should only be used if your blood pressure isn't high and your cortisol isn't high either.

    licorice sweets are not healthy because of the sugar content and the processing it goes through.

    The bit of licorice that is used medicinally is the root, it has been shown in Japan (and by some Italian researcher) to help in cases of hypoadrenalism / adrenal insufficiency. It is also antiviral and helps digesting (very large amounts have a laxative effect, and are in any case not recommended).

    deglycerrizzed (sp?) licorice is used to prevent and heal stomach ulcers, but it does not have any effect on hypoadrenalism / adrenal insufficience (the effective ingredient for that has been removed), hence on CFIDS/FMS. In fact, I took this stuff for over a months before I learned that all it was good for was my tummy ...

    You can get the licorice as drops or capsules. If you take it, you should have your potassium level monitored regularly, as it draws potassium out of the body. (A potassium rich diet is recommended while you take it.)

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  5. CelticLadee

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    I have adrenal insufficiency and take DHEA/Pregnenlone twice (morn/night) and every morning I drink a cup of licorice tea as recommended by my naturopath. Hope this helps you.

  6. klutzo

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    I knew there was a reason why I had been told licorice root was bad, but it must have been just for those with a high blood pressure ,like me.
    Thanks for the good info.