Licorice Root..... helping Fatigue and Brain Fog(good ReadThru)

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    Does anyone know anything about this, or have expereince with it?

    I'm trying to find a good Licorice product that is as pure as possible and contains the right amount of glycyrrhizic acid.
    Unfortunately the first bottle/suppliment i picked up, only has 500mg.. so it will take about 6 or so caps to add up to what i want.

    I've been doing massive amounts of digging on CFS/FM and basicly how many biolgical functions happen in people who have it. Especially levels and reactions of minerals, depletion of them , herbs etc... sooo

    I'm actually getting well with all of the information i've dug up, and hope to do a little write-up on it for everyone here when i'm done.

    Licorice Root .. when taken in about 2-5 grams a day, is supposedly extremely usefull in combating Cortisol Problems, and Fatigue and Brain Fog that we all get. Its definitely not a cure, and i'm not claiming it to be but i would bet it would help allot in the process of getting well.

    <b>serch this in google to find the article i'm posting some of underneath
    google search : "new treatments for CFS"

    find this link below after the search.. and look through the site for CFS/FM
    New Treatments for Crohn's Disease, colitis, diabetes,
    autism ...

    When yo find the page.. look down the list for

    "M.E., Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue"

    This page is somewhat amazing, because it touches on a few key subjects i've been studying up on lately that all correlate one way or another. But i'll save that for another topic.

    Notice how CORTISOL is a key factor here as well as hypoglycemia and insulin. And in mostly all cases the cortisol curve is severly thrown off, as well as our sleeping patterns. I think allot of people with CFS also experience Hypoglycemia (which i was diagnosed with before i knew about CFS/FM) which is too Much insulin being produced... this touches upon that, and it all makes sense.

    How does licorice help ?
    Dr. Baschetti from Italy suffered from CFS for 20 years. He has cured his CFS by using licorice. Licorice contains glycyrrhizic acid. Glycyrrhizic acid is a 11 beta-HSD inhibitor. This is the hormone that deactivates cortisol, converting it into the inactive cortison. In CFS and FM patients where there is low blood pressure, low eryhtrocytes, low sodium and hyper kalium, the licorice is very effective. The low cortisol levels will be able to be more effective when the glycyrrhizic acids inhibits the conversion of cortisol into cortison. Using the licorice virtually relieves all CFS symptoms in many people. It will however be a life-long treatment. Dr. Baschetti thinks some virus has permanently damaged the hypothalmic-pituitare-adrenal axis. After some months of using licorice, one needs to increase the dose a bit and perhaps even start to use small amounts of hydrocortisone some months later. This is because the glucocorticoid receptors were first very sensitive, because of the long time of low-cortisol levels. Not everybody will need the hydrocortisone luckily and some are able to stay in good health using only up to 5 grams of licorice. Dr. Baschetti started with 2 grams a day, and had to increase the dosage to 5 grams daily. He now needs only 4 grams of licorice every day.

    Isn't licorice very dangerous ?
    Many people think licorice is very dangerous when taken for long periods of time. This is definitely true in normal people that have no adrenal insufficiency and correct potassium/sodium levels. The licorice will enhance the cortisol levels, suppressing imune system. Also, the aldosterone levels will increase, which in turn will cause potassium excretion and sodium retention and increased blood pressure. In CFS and FM patients that have low eryhtrocyte levels, low blood pressure, low sodium and hyperkalemia it isn't dangerous at all, because it regulates the cortisol and alodsterone (and other hormones) levels, which in turn regulates blood pressure, sodium and potassium balance.

    Bacterial endotoxins might be involved
    Intestinal bacteria can produce endotoxins, which have been shown to increase NO production. The vicious cycle(s) involved in CFS and FM can only be broken by eradicating these bacteria. This can very often be accompished by following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet by Elaine Gottschall, which starves the bacteria. This diet also heals crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis in most people. In some people, resistant or mutated bacteria might be involved and then also some medications are needed to completely whipe out the bacteria. You can check for intestinal bacteria by doing a urine organic acid test.

    The hypoglycemia and diabetes link
    Because cortisol is insulin's antagonist and vice versa, low cortisol levels will induce high insulin levels when carbohydrates are eaten. These high insulin levels cause fast dropping of blood-sugar levels, which will cause hypoglycemia. Besides that, the high insulin levels will further antagonize cortisol levels, aggrevating the symptoms.

    Combined treatment
    First, check to see if you have lowered eryhtrocyte levels, low blood pressure, sodium deficiency and hyperkalemia. This must all test postive, otherwise you don't have the type of CFS/FM that can be treated with this protocol.
    Next, check the magnesium and calcium levels. If magnesium levels are low or if the magnesium/calcium balance is low, then you also need to supplement magnesium. The only good oral supplement is magnesium-glycinate by Carlson labs. Most other supplements are not well absorbed or contain excitoxins. A transdermal DMSO-magnesium oxide might proof to be very successful and much cheaper than magnesium by IV. Also reduce calcium intake until the magnesium/calcium balance is corrected.
    Use the vitamin, anti-oxidant and mineral blend from David Gregg (or a comparable blend).
    Supplement L-lysine and decrease the arganine intake.
    Further increase Q10 supplementation and ginkgo biloba which both inhibit NOS (read below: Striking resemblance)
    Very important: Stop eating most carbohydrates: No more bread, cookies, pasta, grains, corn, potatoes and no fruit. Insulin is cortisol's antangonist and vice versa.
    Also to prevent the bacteria in the gut from producing the endotoxins, make sure you don't eat carbohydrates that are not fully digested. Use the SCDiet.
    If this doesn't relieve the symptoms, you can also consider to use the licorice. I have a gut feeling that the protocol above will proof to be sufficient already. Be sure to monitor the potassium and sodium levels to make sure the mineral imbalance is turned the other way around.

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    Stormy... i can understand "no fruit" because of our horrid problems with Glucose ....natural sugars and not.


    here is something on the top of the Home page of the site, and i live by this.. especially when it comes to medicol research and findings...
    "Don't accept anything as the Truth, not even this.
    Stay openminded and you will experience the Truth.
    --- Mahavir Yogananda

    Oh and BTW.. where were you reading that Fruit was good, that contradicts what i have posted above?.. the diet could be specific to something else. And i strongly believe that when we are at least half way healthy enough as CFS/FM sufferers to assimilate Fruit, that Fruit is something we all need. But depending on our current Biochemical reactions and levels, Fruit isn't usually a good idea.

    honestly though i think fruit is beside the point. If you know what i mean ^_^ ..

    Could you tell me the "name" of the link you read? just curious
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    thanks ^^

    So does anyone have experience with this?
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    I have had CFS for 30+ years. I tried many, many, many things including conventional medicine, holistic and homeopathic remedies. I found that alcohol and sugar would consistently bring on the symptoms. Vigorous exercise and stress would also often bring it on. I am an active athlete, so this was very frustrating. I stopped drinking alcohol and this helped. I also limited processed sugar in my diet as much as possible and paid close attention to the glycemic index of the foods in my diet. This also helped. But the fatigue and brain fog would still hit me.

    When a friend recommended I try licorice root I did. I have been taking licorice root for three years now and have been free of CFS symptoms since I started taking it. I use a pill form and take only 450 mg per day, so my dosage is much lower than what is recommended here.
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    I have used the pure licorice root in tea and as the stick sweet. All natural, not as a supplement and without the additives but I found it raises my bloodpressure a lot if I am not extremely carefull with the amount I use. For me it hasn't helped with feeling better, I just like the taste but it will make my legs feel like the swell up real fast, probably from holding on to liquids and makes me feel unwell instead of better.

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