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    Just resently go the Patch for pain that I have from a fall.. used one time felt no effect at all.. nothing did not dull the pain.. has anyone else had a problem with the patch.. I did notify the Endo Pharmaceuticals of the problem.. also called Pramacist.... going to try again but after paying my share for this expensive product I surly expected more.. there was no relief at all..
    Anyone have had same problem please answer this post .. thanks
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    I don't know the price you paid, but unfortunately not everyone responds to all meds. It is a trial and error until the patient finds what truly works. Ask your doctor for samples or try to get to the manufacturers and see if they have patient programs where you can get reduced/free cost in the future for anything costly. Also, you can try the first bold post on this board to track down reduced cost meds under various programs. Take care and good luck.
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    Hi - are you on the lidocaine patch or lidoderm patch?

    Lidoderm patch will go into your sytem and is supposed to relieve all over pain. I believe the former is for the area you apply it to? Is that correct?

    Believe it or not, I HAVE found differences in the same med with different manufacturers. The pharmacists have told me there is no diff - they all have to same the same amnt of 'x' product in it etc., however I've even though I got a placebo once. Thankfully the pharmacist ordered in my script from the manufacturer I knew worked for me.

    Hope you get some relief!
    Do you have Fibro?
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    I am so sorry - I totally did not read your post very well. You have pain from a fall.
    Is there only one strength for the lidocaine patch?

    The rest of my former post still applies. Sorry about me asking irrelevant questions before!!
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    Janalynn is correct and perhaps I can help explain.

    This applies to GENERIC MEDICATIONS. My neurologist explained to me that we are told that generic pills from various manufacturers are the same, BUT THEY ARE NOT. They may contain different fillers, different levels of various fillers, and thus different manufacturers may cause the medication to release at different rates or that a patient feels better on generics from one manufacturer but does worse on generics for another manufacturer due to a reaction to a particular filler that manufacturer uses--but we as the public never understand that.

    If you are using a generic medication patch, I imagine that a generic patch may use an adhesive, but there are probably several types and with your skin (with being oily, dry or normal, or perhaps if your skin is more acidic or less acidic, etc.) then different manufacturers probably use different adhesives and you may not have found one that works for you. There may be a filler between the adhesive and the medication and that filler may not be working well.

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