lidocaine patches

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by racefan34, Jan 1, 2005.

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    can anyone tell me if anyone can use these patches?i have a whole bag of them and was wondering what kind of pain they treat?please help,thankyou!!!!!
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    Noticed you just joined today?
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    why do you say flush them?
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    As a nurse, I have used those on patients who have arthritis. You can apply them where your pain is and it should numb the area for a period of 12 hours or so. Check with your pharmacist. Lidocaine is also used as an injectable medication to numb areas before being sutured.....stitches; also is closely related to novacaine.....what dentists use for drilling/filling or pulling teeth. Please take those to your local pharmcist to be sure that is indeed what they are and have him tell you what they can be used for. That is the safest thing to do.
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    I was prescribed these due to FM pain. It helps with the burning, pins/needles pain. I mostly use them on my shoulders and back. You can cut them to size but use 12 hours on, 12 hours off.

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    At least they are to me!

    I was prescribed a month's supply for back pain. Thank goodness that I had insurance and only had to pay $15 for these, because the price was outrageous!!

    So, if you don't have insurance, don't even think about them!

    Anyway .... I put them on my low back for days and did not feel one ounce of relief!! They are supposed to numb the area .... no way. Could not feel the least bit of numbing effect.

    I also have fibro, lupus, and severe arthritis. Did not help these conditions either.

    I had only opened 1 bag out of the 3 that I received for the month. So, I called my local pharmacist and asked him if he could take them back. He took the unopened ones back and refunded me $10 of my $15 copay!
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    I use them and really appreciate the relief I get for myofacial pain. I have FM too, but for the stabbing pain around my shoulder blade, nothing has worked better. My rheumatologist prescribed them and my physiatrist (pain specialist) recommends them also. It takes a while for the relief to start, but they do work, when nothing else does. I cut them in half to fit the area I need relief in, which also makes them go farther.

    Don't throw them out.......give them a solid try!