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    Does anyone out there know or use lidocaine patches? Someone my husband works with who also has FM said she just got Rx from her doc to try them. She says it puts medicine slowly into your system & is supposed to last for 12 hours. She also said her 20% of cost (ins. picks up the other 80%) is $44 for 30 patches. If they really work it would sure beat taking pills - yuck! I can't swallow a lot of the horse pills doc wants me to take so I sometimes miss doses.

    I have started taking Seasilver. Asked doc about it & he said alot of his patients are now taking it & says if it works for you & makes you feel better - go for it! At least that eliminates some of the huge pills I had been taking. One thing I noticed is I have much more energy now than before I started the Seasilver. That alone it worth taking it!

    Your thoughts?
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    I use Lidocaine, or "Lidoderm" patches as needed for pain in specific areas. All they are are patches that can be cut to size which contain a numbing, anesthetic agent and it just numbs it like the dentist numbs you when you have work done. These were first and mainly used for people suffering from "shingles-type" pain. The only problem I've ever noted is an occasional intolerance to the adhesive, but my skin is REALLY sensitive. I wouldn't even prescribe this for the many different places a FMS patient has pain in, though; we'd have patches all over us!!! These patches are applied to the painful spot and that's the only area they'll help, OK?
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    I,like Kady(hello Kady girl!)also use the patches for a specific area.I don't use them for FM,but for pain in my spine.I know people use them for FM,but I would think you would have to use a heck of a lot of them.For FM I have pain in to large of an area to use the Lidocaine patch.Hope you soon get some relief!!
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    I got a prescription from my doctor when my hips were in very bad pain. I only use them when NOTHING ELSE HELPS! But they do work for me! I don't use them on a daily basis or anything like that though. Give them a try and see if it helps you.

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    Thanks for the info. I just might ask doc about it next time I see him. I have a hip that gets so bad sometimes I can barely walk. He gave me a trigger point shot which took away the pain in the spot of the shot. But now the dang pain has moved on down the hip a little way & is in a bigger area! One step forward, 2 steps back. A sample is a great way to see if it works before you spend the $$. Well, headache is coming on pretty fast. Will have to go lay down for awhile & see if I can get rid of it before it developes into migraine.

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    I would use them on the hip, but I have so much pain in my legs that I'd be one big patch if I tried to use them there!! My legs by the end of the day feel like they weigh 100# each & ache so bad. I just spent a half hour in a hot tub of water but it did very little. My pain meds just don't seem to help the legs. I have a tens unit that I use between shoulder blades - it doesn't seem to do much for lower back. It's weird how different parts of my body react differently to heat, tens unit, pain meds, etc. Anyone else like that or is it just me?

    Thanks for the input. I am definitely going to ask doc about the patch next week.