lidocaine warning, please read

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  1. SPR30

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    I have had hives,redness and swelling from different meds before.
    Yesterday I had a skin biopsy at the dermatolgist's office.
    Before the biop they numbed the area with an injection of lidocaine. (this is the only thing different in my whole day so I htink I narrowed it down to the lidocaine)
    Anyway, I thought nothing of it...with FMS you get (or at least I do) new and unusual reactions/allergies all the time) last night I was red from head to toe with hives!
    I googled it and read several article.
    This is what I found out:
    1) People can be allergic to lidocaine.
    2) There are 2 groups of anesthetics like this, you can have a reaction to any 1 of these withint the if I am allergic to lidocaine, I would most likely react to the others in its' group.
    3) I may tolerate the 2nd group of anesthetics better.
    4) Many medical staffers including doctors do not believe in allergy to lidocaine, so they can really doubt or dispute your claim.
    5)(this one really got me, cause I AM allergic to sulfas)
    If you are allergic to sulfas there is an increased chance you will be allergic to lidocaine.
    The 2 groups are:
    *amides:lidocaine,etidocaine,mepivacaine,ropritacaine (if it is spelled with 2 "i' it is in the amides)
    Some preseravatives within these anesthetics can cause allergic reaction.

    I think this is serious. I never thought of being allergic to it. Lucky I did't have anaphylaxis.

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  2. tonakay

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    I'm can't take sulfa drugs and luckily I'm not allergic to lidocaine with all the injections I've had through the years and the lidoderm patches I wear daily but this info will be very useful to many !!

    Thank you again and glad you're ok.....
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  3. Ranigar

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    Thank-you for sharing.I just learned 3 new things from your post that's why I check here often.I didn't know with FM you can become allergic or have reactions to things you haven't before.It explains why I've had it happen.I'm also allergic to sulfa drugs so it's good to know about lidocane,thanks for the info on Drs. not believing so I don't trust they would always know better if they argued with me.
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    OUr body's are ever changing. I used to tolerate things I cannot eat or use now. Betadine gives me hives,etc....
    I just never thought anythinga bout lidocaine.
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    I also am allergic to Sulfa drugs but I tolerate Lidocaine patches I use on an irregular basis. They are so expensive I only use them when I have taken as much pain medicine as I am allowed and still have pain in a small area.
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    want everyone to see it