Lidoderm Pain Patches

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by finnigan1229, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. finnigan1229

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    Hi . . . just wondering if anybody else uses the Lidoderm Patches and what you think of them. My Neuro started me on them last Holiday Season and I think they are one of the best and most overlooked pain aids available for FM . . . just curious.
  2. urge2soar

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    Yes, I have and do use them when I just can't get rid of the pain in my lower back. Mine are too big to use on my neck and shoulder area, but I've been desperate enough to cut them in two and slap them on.

    For me, they take the edge off for a few hours...but I'll take it.

    Thanks for bringing this up...I had completely forgotten about how wonderful they are...and so cooling when you apply them.

  3. finnigan1229

    finnigan1229 New Member

    Hi Soaring - I usually cut mine in two as they are too big for my neck/shoulder muscles and for the two spots on my lower back - and they cost way too much to waste . . . even with insurance. I love em though.
  4. Buffyfl

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    because of some surgery I had. I have Osteopedina in my ankles and the swelling and pain would go down. The patches are good because they do not absorb into your bloodstream they relieve the pain on the outer skin. I even used the remaining ones on my hands and arms.
  5. IngyW68

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    Hi there,

    One of the Dr's I saw had me use them for two weeks but they did absolutely nothing for my pain. I have FM/CFS and had surgery in my neck for two ruptured discs. I still have two herniated discs above and below the surgery ones. The patches just felt wet and cold to me. The one thing I try to help with pain is sleep with the Therma Care heat pads. You just stick them on your pain spot and it stays warm for 8 hours. Feels pretty good to take the edge off.

    I am glad that the patches are working for you and others! Whatever works, right?:)

    Take care,