Lidoderm Patches Light Pain Meds

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TaniaF, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. TaniaF

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    I'm very sensitive to pain medication, but now with back aches I need something.

    I was given Lidoderm patches to use. Never tried them--Anyone else? Please post if they work and if you had any side effects?

    Would you know what is the lightest pain medicine other than just taking Tylenol or Advil? Is Darvocet strong?

  2. thirkmom

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    It seems that sometimes no matter how well I'm medicated there are one or two areas that just won't stop hurting. It's usually by back, my knees, or the top of my thighs. I put on a lidoderm patch and the pain doesn't go away right then but in a hour or two I think "Oh, I don't hurt anymore." I usually have to use extra tape to keep them from rolling up. You can wear up to 3 at a time. Leave them on for 12 hours and then leave them off for 12 hours. When you take them off be sure to fold the sticky sides together and throw them away where little kids won't get them. They still have some medication on them. The patches have not left me with any side effects at all. Watch for a rash--that might be a posibility due to your sensitivities.

    When I first started out with fibromyalgia and CFS I tried the Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Advil, Aspirin, Darvocet, and then on up to oxycontin. The Darvocet is a pretty mild pain killer but you still would want to try a small dose and maybe even break it in half if it's not a capusle. Some people get good results from Ultram. It's not a narcotic and its properties are different from the opiates. Some people have success with Guafinisin (it's usually given when you have upper respiratory infections because it cuts down on the production of mucuous).

    The Dr.s are also using nuerontin and there are a lot of new drugs out that are in the same class. I'm in a brain-fog right now and I can't remember the classification. I think it's an anti-Parkinson Drug. It's more for nerve pain. Some people are getting relief from those. It depends on what kind of pain you have. Dr.'s had me taking anti-inflammatory drugs for my fibromyalga. Fibromyalgia isn't an inflammatory process so it doesn't do any good unless you have arthritis or some other problem in conjunction.

    If you need to move to something like Lortab have the Dr. order the 5 mg. size and break that in half. Tell the Dr. what you intend on doing so he can give it to you in a form that can be broken or curshed. Good Luck. My mom is sensitive to most all medications and it's a real challenge for her sometimes. If I can help further let me know. New drugs are always on the horiizon. LuAnn
  3. cookstove

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    Test them the first time carefully. The lidoderm patch burned my skin. My neurologist was in shock and has since then really checked any patient out before prescribing the lidoderm patch.

    I also tried over the counter ones-they did not burn, but I had a rash with their use.

    I should have known I would have a reaction and blame myself for the burn caused by the lidoderm patches as I had to quit using the tens machine as I was allergic to the patches used with it.

    I do not believe that most people are bothered by this. I have always had extremely sensitive skin. I think it is whatever is in the adhesive on the pad that causes the allergic reaction. I get a rash from even a bandaid.

    Hope they work for you as they are a wonderful solution to that breakthrough pain in just certain areas.
  4. starmom

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    I did not know htese existed!! I will ask my doc for them. Some areas just are NOT helped by other meds. I have had trigger point injections iwth lidocaine and loved them!! This would be even better b/c the wait for hte doc for an appt for these can be over a week!

    Darvocet is one of the weaker narcotics. Still a powerful med, but on the lower end of the narcotic scale.

  5. TaniaF

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    Can you use the Lidoderm patches along with pain medicine like Tylenol? etc??? After reading some of the other posts, I assume you use them with your regular pain meds.

    You know with FM, you can't pinpoint and put patches everywhere.

    I put a small one on my back spine and viola it has helped the pain. But I have the usual aches and pains in which I take Tylenol ocassionally.

    So I was just wondering how you ladies (or men) use them? With or without pain meds.

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  6. ephemera

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    I've used them for 3 years. They make it possible to sleep. use them with lots of meds & herbs. No problem.

    I also have senisitve skin by never got any rashes.

    they're expensive, but they really help.
  7. cookstove

    cookstove New Member

    You can use the pain patches along with your regular medications. The nice thing about the patches is that they work for something like 8 hours. Nice right? Good to put on at bedtime to work through the night for a better nights rest.
  8. jhmitch

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    My reaction to Lidoderm patches is that they are helpful, but better if used along with an oral painkiller, as well.

    As for Darvocet: I think an Advil or two would probably work better.