Life’s Not Only About Me

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  1. deecrossett

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    Life’s Not Only About Me

    Though my troubles and my worries
    are sometimes all that I can see,
    still I always must remember
    life’s not only about me.

    Other souls are also hurting
    and I know that it is God’s plan
    to reach out to help another,
    to extend to them my hand.

    With this purpose as my focus -
    to be a comfort to a friend,
    all my troubles and my worries
    seem to fade out in the end.

    It is one of God’s true lessons
    how my walk is meant to be,
    true happiness I find when
    life’s not only about me.

    - Tom Krause -
  2. Ihop811

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    I can sure think of a lot of people that need to hear this one. LOL I'm going to pass this one along my e-mail trail.

  3. chinassa

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    one focuses on someone elses life,their's become filled with joy and blessings over and over again.
    Try it and see if you agree.
  4. deecrossett

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    I agree 150%. That little smile or gesture can turn the world into people who are more caring and empathetic. I've seen it happen and I will continue on my crusade to make others happy and feel loved.
    God bless you,
  5. allhart

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    i love this so much it is so true i wish it was somewhere for everyone to see.
  6. PMangels

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    This is a real winner. Thanks for sharing.