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  1. desperation

    desperation New Member

    Honestly, I can't tell what's working and what isn't with this ridiculous illness. Sometimes I'm up and sometimes I'm down. My symptoms change by the hour!
    I think I'm feeling better on something and then BAM I wake up feeling as I did a year ago.
    Do any of your symptoms wax and wane so much ( ie: hours, days, weeks)?
    Sometimes I don't think it s worth spending all this money on pills and potions if I can't tell whether they are working or not.
    Hope all of you are having a high yo-yo day,
    Love lu
  2. sarahfemme

    sarahfemme New Member

    I have tried different supplements and different meds and like you have a difficult time telling wha's working and what's not. I finally abandoned a very expensive regimen of nutritional supplements after deciding that they weren't helping. (I took them for three months.) Now I'm going to be finding a new doc but will rely on past experience as well as his/her suggestions. My flares are closely related to weather changes and I know that stress exacerbates them. But I still haven't found a way to keep them under control.