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  1. DragonBall

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    i came down down stairs at 2.30,cant sleep again even the computer is bugging me.ive forgot passwords again and my husband is in bed.i feel depressed but will not go back to anti-deppressents.they changed me and im only just coping with me.docters when asked can never give us any timescapes for fm,will we get worse,any better,who knows.ive tried in the recent past going to church,its not for me.i dont have faith in false sorry if this offends anyone but does anyone else feel like this?
  2. Pindooca

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    I was raised and confirmed Lutheran, but have never had a very strong faith. I don't believe that going to church or believing in God makes you a better person.

    I do think, however, that you need SOMETHING to help you be strong. What is your something? :)
  3. DragonBall

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    ive a couple of good friends,and my husband is my best friend.i tell him nearly everything!.music helps me alot,im going to see hanoi rocks soon,if im well that children cheer me up,but they are hard work,thank you for your reply,i better go back to bed and get some sleep,before kids surface for deb.
  4. Susan07

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    I understand your depression - fortunately life just keeps getting in the way, like: work, kids, laundry, meals, pets and that can usually bump me out of the blues.

    As far as church goes, I found a bible church that deals with real life issues. I look forward to sunday now, another activity that takes my mind off me.

    This is an extremely difficult disease to understand and there has certainly not been enough research. I am 51 and have been dealing with it most of my life.

    Take care, I like to read which is another great escape.
  5. michaele

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    I'm so sorry you're down right now. I know the feeling--------it comes and goes AND I'm on anti-depressants!! All I can say is it will leave for a while and you'll feel better. Then--it hits again. That is reality and timelines for fibro? All I know is how I feel at any given moment. My body has never gone out of a flare except for maybe a week at a time-----and I can count those times on one hand. The reality is we have this incredibly complex disorder that no one completely understands---even us----and it's OK. I accepted my DX after a year and a half and it's OK. I don't like it-----in fact I hate it. It causes me tremendous stress and depression a lot of the time, but it's here. You know what? Church attendance will not help as much as you having a relationship with God yourself. I do go to church when I am able, but due to me hurting a lot and the old ladies liking to grab and hug me nearly sends me crumbling to the floor!!!!!! Don't worry about church. I know this is not the "worship" board, but do grab your Bible-----read now and then. Pray for guidance, wisdom, peace, and ask God to come into your heart. He can carry your/our burdens. I hope I haven't offended you, but I am offering my very best and sincere advice. Please take care-----tomorrow is another day! You are loved.
  6. elaine_p

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    are you willing to try natural anti-depressants? St. Johns Wort or SAMe?

    Sorry church didn't work for you. It doesn't work for me either. Maybe you could try a different church--Unitarian or something.

    Have you seen a counselor? Maybe a grief group or something would be good, since we do have to grieve the loss of our old selves. A counselor or group could maybe help you work through that.

    I've taken to writing down my login IDs and passwords for all the sites I regularly go to.
  7. wle

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    so won't even try tp push that on you as a cure. What I will try to push is the will not to give up. Find another Dr. if yours is not helping. For years I cried and "cussed" and cried some more. I hurt, I was sich and I was tired of being sick and tired! Hubby would tell me to call my Dr. and I knew she wouldn't help me. I almost felt hate for her! She didn't listen.....makes me angry now even to write about her. Then a friend told me about her nurse practioner. I made an appointment. Because I have high blood pressure I was handed off to the Dr. who I LOVE. He listens. He CARES! He wants you to research your illness and be able to discuss it with him. I always go with pages and pages printed from this site. So don't GIVE up on Dr.'s and don't give up on meds. Not all meds made you goofy. Don't give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WLE
  8. DragonBall

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    i do have faith,in myself.i often wonder if we come back when we die.i have seen ghosts but i dont like it. my nan and mum are really pschic and i think its been passed down,my mum prays every day and gets angry if i say i dont believe in god!i dont even own a husband is a catholic and was forced to go to church till he was 16,he will only go in church for weddings and funerals,he hates childen go to a church of england school,i was christened in this faith,i have took them to the local church,my husband wont set foot in it.
  9. DragonBall

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    i did forget to mention,my husbands mum died when i was pregnantwith my little girl.a couple of days after she was born i went to check on her and i could feel his mum in the room it was lovely,my husband came in and he felt it too.,and he is a total sceptic.we named her geneva theresa,theresa after his mum.i still miss talking to her on the phone,im not close to my mum she used to hit me badly as a child,and ive never seen my dad,he left when i was a mum even asked last year if she was partly resposible for my fm
    ,i said no,but im not that sure.i have forgivan her,she has had 3 nervuos breakdowns,a manic deppresive and will be on lithium for the rest of her life. i think thats why i spoil the kids too much and cuddle them,i never ever got mum was beat up as a child by her dad,but i have broke the cycle.i dont know why people spend loads of money on pschcatrists,ive sorted this myself lol deb.
  10. DragonBall

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    does anyone else believe in ghosts,im not trying to freak anyone out,but ive seen them and its not very nice! our dog and cat acted oodly 2 weeks before it husband says there is time slips that crossover into our time,does anyone belive in aliens? im not sure because i need to see with my own eyes.i saw the ghost with my mum and it just stood there at my side of the bed,dressed in a black shroud,i was scared but my mum said the lords prayer and after what seemed an age it left,this memory is still vivid to me after all these mum had to peal my fingers back from the cover,and i would not wish what i saw on any one!
  11. elaine_p

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    yes I believe in them, even though I've never seen any. I don't WANT to see any. I've had a few prescient dreams in my life, starting when I was a teen, and was always interested in expanding that ability. But then I figured out that when most people see or dream future events they're usually tragic ones.

    Anyway, I believe that our bodies die, but our spirits live on. Spirit, ghost, same thing. Guardian Angel, Spirit Guide, same thing. Etc.
  12. DragonBall

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    you are not whacko!you have your own opinions,i feel alot better today even though im not sleeping,my leg still hurts but at least the back pain isent as bad.some days are better than others we all know that dont we !
  13. jadibeler

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    I'm so glad to hear that some of you also believe in ghosts. I have several family members, ones I know would never lie or make up stories, who have seen them. And I have a friend who lived in a haunted house and every night she would hear it climbing the bare wooden stairs. She found out that the elderly man who used to live in the house was confined to a hospital bed on the 2nd floor, where he died. But he was adamant about wanting to die in his upstairs bedroom.

    I've never seen one, but I know I have felt one. I went to a sceance with a group of people from a class I was in. People wanted to know if the medium could give them messages from relatives who had passed on. She was very accurate, to everyone's surprise. But when she came to me she seemed confused. She described someone who was standing behind me but the things she said seemed ambiguous. Later I said my uncle had committed suicide and she said she wished I had told her that, it would have made a difference. I was so disappointed that I went up in the bathroom and cried. Suddenly I felt surrounded by love and reasurance, just overwhelmed by it, and I knew he was there.

    As for coming back, what I believe is that when it's time for our particular spirit, we are reborn as new people, with lives according to what kind of person we were in our last life. (the medium told me that suicides come back as those who die in childhood, or a young age - they must complete the allotted time span they were originally assigned) My cousin with CFS and I say we must have been very nasty, cruel people in our last life to deserve these afflictions in this one!

  14. smokingun35

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    I was raised in Church and now at 40 yrs old find it almost impossible to drag myself in as I just don't feel up to it anymore.I had a Terrible night last night too. I must have turned over 250 times before I finally got mad and got up . And now off to work in a 45* degree room all day, makes the muscles and bones really pissed off..I hope you have a better night tonite ! Scott
  15. DragonBall

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    i am trying to cheer up,but it seems now my hair is falling out in one particuler place,at the top back of my head.i dont go out much cos im not well much,but this makes me feel worse.i take vitamins,kelp,magnesium,cod liver oil,vitamin e,zinc and b6 everyday,and use good conditioners,any suggestions anyone lol deb.
  16. Sunshyne1027

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    Not having the insurance, health coverage..finances either since becoming so sick with FM.. Its the biggest bummer of all for me. Would so much love to get better, but how can I with no great health care? Sure can eat and drink healthier, try and exercise. I am not getting any better, getting so much worse.

    Sleeping is impossible seems right now for me. Pain in my legs, like a throbbing pain. Neck pain once again too.

    Seems more bad days than good days.

    I was like that at one time, non spiritual. Took some time, the right sort of church, one I felt at home with, to become a Christian. Since then, life has gotton so much better. I am not alone anymore. When feeling really crappy, and in so much pain.. I imagine in my brain, I am being carried, held and comforted, by Jesus.

  17. itscarrie

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    Yes I have seen a ghost I was between 10 - 12 yrs old.
    Just as you say it was black not white as a lot of people see or think. It was a lady in 19th century clothes, I could see the outline like a silhouette of her pantaloons and a long gathered skirt over the top. Her hair was in a tight bun and she glided somehow through the room and through a wall. I had a side view of her. I was very scared at the time and have never forgotten it,,,, besides I was sitting on the toilet at the time which meant I was kind of stuck...

    I screamed for my mom and when she eventually woke up I told her I had pains in my stomach.....for fear of being laughed at I guess !!!! Since then I have experienced several 'strange' phenomena but no actual sighting since.

    I used to go to church a lot but I cannot sit for long and I felt that many churchgoers were often hypocrites....

    Maybe I'm just bitter .......who knows !
  18. itscarrie

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    you are feeling better today...... this FM can really get you down....but at least we know how to appreciate good days and hopefully the little things in life that others take for granted.... Take Care........ Carrie
  19. DragonBall

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    thanks carrie i went for my usual hydro session today and then to the doctors.the painkillers just do nothing!.my doctor wants me to have knee replacement operation,have others had this ,what do you all think of it?