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    i went to visit an old man last week in a nurseing home. i had not seen him for several years and wondered if he would remember me. i spent alot of time with him and his wife years ago and knew i would know him if i saw him, but i could not find him. as i looked around the room there were other people looking at me in wheel chair's and i thought,he is not in here.then i noticed an old man looking at me and i wondered who he could be, probably just someone i never saw before than i noticed something about his eyes that looked familier and i thought,can this be the person i used to know. i ask him what his name was and when he told me i could not respond for the lump in my throat, this was the man i came to see. i ask him if he knew me and his reply was,no i do not and when i told him who i was he said ,'it can not be you'. we talked for a long time about many things that we remembered togather. i did not mention his wife dying,i just tried to keep it happy for him. i told him good by and as i walked away i wondered where has time gone? it seems only yesterday he was middle aged. time passes by so fast sometimes i forget to stop and pray like i ought to. why is it that it takes times like these to help us stop and look at where we are headed.that old friend may not know me when i go to see him again but that is ok because i can tell him who i am. the trial i am in now gives me the time to listen for people who need prayers in life for their hardships. life is so short and people seem to hurt so much maybe we can all take a little time to enjoy what God has provided and give hope to someone in need.some day i may be an old man in a old folks home and i wonder will anyone remember me? this one thing i know for sure,God will remember me because His word says so. to each of you who need prayer remember your creator and i will pray for you.
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    I truly enjoyed your post and share your love and compassion for all who no one has time for anymore or worse yet, they are the end of the line for their once hale and hearty family.
    Before I got to where going to Sacrament Meeting was really hard, I happened upon a tv minister giving his talk and the subject was to STOP. When someone needs your time, STOP. Don't say wait a minute or keep going and just saying "yeah-yeah" but not truly listening. And for me that lesson the preacher was giving caused me to think about how difficult it can be to STOP. I now make a concerted effort to STOP and sometimes a price is paid in loss of energy, train of thought or whatever; but I believe that what Christ would have "me" do is to be able to STOP from time to time and give of that time to someone else.

    Lastly, a lesson taught where I used to regularly attend church had to do with loving our families; families that may no longer remember who we are due to disease et cetera. The message of the talk was that no matter if my father, husband, child et al. did not know me, I knew them and that was sufficient for continuing to be there for them.

    I am "long-winded" but I really enjoyed what you had to say. Love CactusLil'
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    Hi honestabe and welcome to the Worship Board!
    Thanks for sharing that life lesson with us and how true it is. We need to take every opportunity to make the best of each day and we never know what inpact we will have on someone's life.

    Have you heard the saying, "only one life will soon be past, only what's done for Christ will last."

    You are a great example of showing God's love.