Life Insurance - Are you Covered? Are you SURE?

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    A couple of months ago I decided that the best thing to do was bring in an insurance specialist so that they could find the most suitable insurance coverage for us.

    When I told him I had Fibro (you know, non life threatening fibro), he said to me, 'I can try, but I know it isn't going to be easy - nor is it going to be cheap'. I actually disbelieved him. It's not like the ticker on my life is going and I am going to be too much risk with a degenerative it?

    Well, apparently, according to 7 out of 9 insurance companies who refused to even discuss my case.

    So, then I decided to get cocky, call my existing life insurance - was put on hold 2 minutes, and the employer

    returned to the phone to inform me that 'as of right now, my life insurance has been cancelled' (!!!!!)

    The reason I am sharing all of this with you is simple. I don't want you doing what I luckily stopped myself from doing...paying an arm and a leg every month to have life insurance coverage...that was NEVER going to pay out.

    You know what these companies are like...and if they can find one little issue to refuse your coverage - they will use it. Well, fibro certainly is far from being 'a little issue'. Therefore, I highly suggest getting in touch with your insurance company or broker and get it in writing that you ARE covered (or are not).

    Better to know things now - before they are needed.

    Have a great, pain free week.