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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by clerty, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. clerty

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    I just want to let you know that I am getting better since Easter time I started on Colliodol silver I took it for 3 months then I started on Iodene well I can say I am doing much better I have been herxing and detoxing like mad I have lost weight since I changedmy diet no dairy or wheat I am so happy this weather I have even planned 2 holidays so dont give up folks last year I was so depressed and spent a few weeks in a locked ward arguing with doctors about why I could not take tablets due to MCS!! they tried to pump me with toxic chemicals that sent me mad but I have made it and I am in a place now that is rather plesant !!

  2. pw7575

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    I am SOOO happy for you Clerty. What great news! I remember reading about your struggles last year and so happy to see that things are working out for you now. I hope you continue to progress. It is always so helpful for people here to see that there are some who are improving!

    Take Care,
    Pam :)
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    I am absolutely filled with goosebumps for you! (Don't get chilled, now, LOL)

    How wonderful to hear the uplift in your "voice" despite herxing! I remember the awful spot you were in and how everyone here was trying to help you in some small way...

    Now you know there ARE paths you can try that will help you feel more optimistic about beating this awful, debilitating disease, so even if this is not the final magic bullet for you, you understand that you can go on to the next step, and the next, right?

    Did you need to lose weight? If not, could you ask a nutritionist how you can gain weight without dairy or wheat? Almond milk? Soy? Whatever it is, if you need weight, eat LOTS of it, ok, LOL!

    Your post made my day...thank you,
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    I'm glad to hear you're doing better and have found some things that help you. I hope you continue to do even better.

  5. Elisa

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    Such great news I am so so happy for you - you certainly deserve it. You have been through alot and now you are doing better Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    God Bless You (and I know He did),

  6. Rafiki

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    Were you tested for celiac or gluten intollerance and lactose intollerance or just follow your gut, so to speak ;~)

    Whatever you did, I'm so glad you did it!!!

    Maybe it was the geese!


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    Thankyou so much folks I am still of the idea I have lyme but right now I am staying well away from doctors as I am doing better with self treatment they only real help I would say I got was with you guys on here and I am so thankfull to you all !!!