life lessons from having CFS or similar illness

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    I went to a psychic about my illness, she was told by spirit that my lessons from this illness were patience and tolerance. So maybe the reason we get an illness be it cancer, or what ever, is to learn lessons here on earth. I'
    m interested in what others thoughts are on this matter.
    bye bye
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    Funny you should ask; we just had a discussion about this very topic. It was in reference to my post to Ace regarding his request about self-love. There were actually two threads, one started by him and one I started. Ace's username is ac77 if you want to do a search and bring it up.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thank you oh wise one!
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    i know my life has changed due to my illnesses.i've had lupus for16yrs and fibro for6-7 has taught me patiencefor others and also how to help others-how to open myself up more.i better at reaching out to people who need help.also, i don't know if my daughter would have become the wonderful person she is if i wasn't ill.she is one of the most caring,giving and loving people i maybe this isn't just for us.maybe it's to share with other s so they can become better people also.

    kathy c
  5. mitch123

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    That was beautiful to read, and I do agree with you.
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    My pace prior to CFS was 150 mph everyday,,,now I'm lucky to get up to 3 mph. I was a A type personality,,,no make that A+ personality, my days were quantified by how much I managed to accomplish before I collapsed. Now I find myself homebound and staring off in space, sinkfull of dishes, laundry not done, and there's nothing I can do about it. I have often wondered if I have been sent a message to STOP AND SLOW DOWN. I am slowly learning to pace myself now as to not set myself back from a homebound position to that of bedridden. Any day that I am given a little more than the day before I am learning to relish it. I too have wondered if this happened to me to make me reflect on the little things in life that I was missing, like the patterns I can make with my eyes in my popcorn ceiling, the sound of my cat lightly snoring next to me and the birds coming to my feeder as I lay in bed. Thanks, Tulip