Life moves so fast , and I just want it so slow down some

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    I am in a strange mood tonight. It seems like life is just speeding by so fast and I am far behind the rest of the world. I hvae been looking in to all the research that has been done on Fibromylaigia. I now that they have learned much but not enough is being done to spread this informatation around. More doctors should be more informed that are informed about the treatments that will help us to live a better less pain filled life. We should have the knowledge soon to be able to help with this disease. But sadly people & doctors still are in the DARK AGES and are unwilling to accep the fact the there are contitions here that need treating and acceptace of the problem.

    How many of your family members understands what you have and how you feel all day. Do they understand the reason your tired and hurting all the time? Do they know that what you have is real and NOT ALL IN YOUR MIND!.

    Are they willing to accept all the aches and pains and feeling so tired all the time. Do they understand when your pain has taken over your body and sent you into a flare? And the only way you are able to do what you need to do in a day is to take pain medications? How do they react to that fact? Mine hate it and to them I am addicated to it. What I have is not real and can be changed by my learning to exercise and lose weight and then all will be just fine and I will not need the nasty narcotic pain medications that I am on.

    They have not bothered to learn any thing about what fibromyaligia is. Nor do they want to. I have other things that are wrong with me besides the fibro. I have degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, chronic meyofacial pain syndrome, fibromyaligia, arthritis in both knees's, wirst, and hips. I shattered my wrist almost 2 years ago and the pain that is gives me is really bad. And will only get worse as time passes.
    So I sought out a pain doctor who they don't like because they don't know or are willing to learn the difference between attiction and dependance. As I am on strong narcotics for the pain that comes with the health problems I have. My family does not like it that I am on pain pills and they think that if I lose weight all the pain I have will lesson enough that pain medicationw will not be needed, I will be able to exercise better because I have lost weight, But it won't. Nothing will change and I can't lose the weight because I exercise is really hard for me to do. And enough exercise to help me to lose weight would send me into a flare and I don't want that.

    I am so tired of being in pain and not having the understanding that I need. I wish that I had some understanding but they are to busy thinking that I am addicted to my pain pills. I have tried to get them to lisetn to me or better yet read and learn more about what I have but they think that it is in my head. And that I just take the pain pills so I can get out of doing things that I don't want to do. RIGHT! WRONG! I am not faking this syndrome or the pain that is caused by it.

    I am learning more andmore about fibro and what is does to the body and it is not much fun as you all know. The problem is that doctors and family don't understand what they can't test and see. IF I had cancer it would be different it can be seen and tested for. And helped but this what we have can't be seen or tested for. How I hope that one day there will be some one who will listen to us and hear us and help our Doctors learn how to treat us.

    Ok I will stop griping, I don't mean to whine about this and the pain I have. I just want to feel like I did once apon a time. I want me to be who I was once before. I want my family to understand me and how I feel and to support me like I do them in all things. I am sorry for whinning it just gets to me. That's all.
    Have a good night and I am going to go to bed.
    HUGs to all, Rosemarie

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