Life should be so good, why does it feel so bad?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by nicolespassion, Oct 8, 2008.

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    Anyone else feeling the affects of the wonderful economy we have? I'm so tired of the financial problems. Then add on trying to get out of business with a partner who doesn't want to give me my portion. Oh yah my fiance who has been trying to start his own company hasn't brought in a dime to our household in who knows how long. So here I am again in another relationship that I have to pay all the bills AGAIN! I just moved back into my house which I used to rent out and the mortgage payment is so high and keeps getting higher due to the nice ARM I signed. That was my stupidity. I really feel like it has been one stupid mistake after another in the last few years. But I still have a roof over my head, food in my belly, a car, clothes (although not much), my health, family and friends that love me. So why does it seem so pointless and 'horrible'? What can't I be happy about? God has given me a good life and helped to take the right roads even with learning curves. Life so good but oh so bad!
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    I fear the economy is going to get worse too. But you said this is "another relationship that I have to pay all the bills AGAIN!" It sounds like you might want to get to the library and check out Suze Orman's books, CDs or catch her on TV. She has helped many make wise decisions in money. You sound like you are a really smart person, a wonderful person, very giving (too giving!!!) and I so wish you would listen to Suze Orman for a while on money. She might be able to give you some ideas of what to do now and for the future. I don't want this to seem pointless and horrible for you, and I want you to have some options. Take care and lots of hugs.

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