Life stinks

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by Skylex, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. Skylex

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    I am sad a lot lately. Nothing makes me feel better except eating. I'm jealous of everybody. No energy to do anything. Just want every day to be over.
  2. patsie

    patsie New Member

    If your life is going so badly for you right now, it seems to me you are in either a situational or clinical depression. I know your feelings; I experience them too--the jealousy which I cannot rid myself of, wishing for days to be over, but the next is not good either. I have not been able to be medicated bc of side effects. I suggest you consider depression as a possibility even starting with your family doctor. He or she can refer you. Get it in the beginning; it is the best way. Hope I have been of some help; but I do know how you feel and struggle also.

    God Bless You, Pat
  3. WakeMeUp

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    My life stinks too! Don't they say that misery loves company? That is why I'm responding to you - because I can really relate.

    Being sick is no way to spend LIFE. Life seems to be for those that are not sick. I've been in the house for almost 5 years and the walls are caving in on me finally.

    At least you get comfort with eating - I cannot even eat anymore because I am allergic to almost everything, plus my stomach has stopped working! OUCH!

    I never imagined in a 100 years that my life would end up this way - sick 24/7/365 x years of pain! How much can one endure?

    Sorry I'm not helping to pick you up and make you feel better, but I am sad too and discouraged. I want every day to be over too - until the end comes.
  4. chngthnmtoME

    chngthnmtoME New Member

    I have to agree with Sky and Wake Me. I never dreamed my life would be this way. Who thinks they will get sick at 17 and never, ever get better- and pick up more and more symptoms along the way?

    Somehow, I keep on soldiering through. I'm here for my dogs and cats, but not really for me anymore. But yet I go on...

    I hope that all of us can be of some comfort for you, and others (including me). And I do urge all of us to become "radicalized" regarding this illness/constellations of illnesses. We need to fight for advocacy (when we can) and somehow urge the "healthies" to stand up for us as well. PWC unite! It's the only way for many of us to make our lives worth living.
  5. lindasue

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    I'm 55 and have been REALLY sick with this DD off and on for probably 6 yrs.........I did have some bouts with it in the 80's ..........Hell, who am I kidding.....I think I've always had this has just shown it's ugly face in other ways throughout the years!!!!!

    Anyway, I am so sad....I can't remember how it used to be when I did feel good and what it felt like to be "full of life"!!

    I know what you are going through and my Heart just breaks for you! This DD stinks......well life can have it's ups and downs but overall it's pretty grand! I just can't get there right now! :( (very sad face)

    I've gained weight...I can't see worth a darn anymore, I HURT ALL OVER....99.9% of the time. And I feel like such a waste! And to top it all off, 2 weeks ago I had an accident (fell and a 200 lbs. plus antique brass cash register fell on my left leg....hubby tried to get it off and dropped it again on my leg!!

    Now I'm in more pain in my lower back due to the leg is in a stablizer and I am not suppose to put ANY weight on that leg....RIGHT!!! Go BACK to the ORTHO on Mon. and see if they think it "needs an MRI"....duh!! Heck yes it does!! But it is the "insurance" waiting game! Just like everything else that I have to have done with this DD..wait, wait, wait....The Ortho said the xrays show no broken bones, "HOWEVER" she says, they're may be some hair line fractures. And I KNOW I have torn the heck out of my ligaments behind my knee. Here I go on a rampage!!!!!!

    I'll say a prayer for you all and my God Bless You with NO MORE PAIN........and abundant good health and many, MANY days of complete joy and happiness.