LIFES LITTLE MIRACLES....I was blessed again today

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by another_painful_day, Aug 4, 2004.

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    I have been going thru alot the past few days. I finished my last grueling test on Monday before I go see the next Specialist my specialist wants me to see for a second advice on surgery for my GERD which is way out of control. It was called the BRAVO 24 hr pH test. I had ANOTHER Endoscopy done on Monday for this procedure. For 2 days now Ive had a capsule sized computer that is pinned to the esophagus near the stomach which measures the pH levels in my esophagus with the REFLUX and sends radio waves back to a pager sized computer which records everything. Its not fun but I knew I needed to go thru with it. Monday is my apt with the Specialist that my Gastroenterologist wants me to see (The new Doctor is over an hour away....FUN FUN FUN)> It makes swallowing a bit tough because it feels like a pill or food is constantly stuck in your throat and it causes some chest pain too. Im glad the test is done...BUT as far as removal, the Dr. said eventually it will dislodge and well, my body will get rid of it the conventional way (if ya knw what I mean).

    Anyway, let me tell you my story of what happened today...

    I went back to Dr. office to drop off the pager-sized computer that has been monitoring my pH levels for two days now. I handed the girl at the front desk the computer and my two day log of activity and asked the girl for copies of my records and tests that I need to take to the appt. on this Monday coming up. So she asked me to wait so she could pull my file and make copies. and I did.

    A gentleman caught my eye when he was standing by the desk waiting to make an appt. He looked EXACTLY like my step father who had passed away 3 1/2 yrs ago from horrible cancer, and who I miss and love dearly. I couldnt take my eyes off of him. My 7 yr old daughter even noticed the striking resemblence to her "Pappa Ceej" and she said it to me with a huge smile on her face. A few minutes passed and my daughter noticed that the Little silver Angel that was hanging off my keychain had fallen off. Acroos this Angel is the word "FAITH". So I took it from her and said "oh well, mommy can still hold her Angel in her purse...". And well, I held it tight, reading the word FAITH over and over again, rubbing the angel with my finger and making it shiney, all the while thinking about whats going on in my life, possible surgery coming up (and whether I shoudl go thru with it) and still glancing at the gentleman who looked so much like my step-dad.

    Another five minutes went by....and an ederly gentleman walked into the Dr. Office and was walking straight towards me. SO I turned away becasue I saw him glaring at me and headed in my direction as I was thinking "Why is that man looking at me and walking over here...?". I pretended I wasnt paying attention...Next thing I heare was "Here Miss, this is for you....." I looked up and he handed me a red I looked at the pen I saw it had a Bible verse on it...It was from Romans Chapter...and it was about trusting in God and believing in him and that you would receive ever lasting life.... The gentleman began witnessing to me. It was so incredible and overwhelming.

    At that VERY momment I realized God was once again was speaking to was such an overwhelming feeling that I began tearing up and it took my breath away when I realized what was happening. I was trying so hard not to cry because here I sat with my 7 yr old and no one had a clue why I was beginning to cry.

    I cant explain the feeling. The emotions were so overwhelming they just flooded into was like I just "knew" deep in my heart that again I was being touched by the Lords spirit and hearing him load and clear.

    The past few sleepless nights of wondering and worrying if this is the right decision for this surgery (if need be) and being crabby to hubby and grumpy because of being ill and so sick to my stomach and having all these HORRIBLE tests that keep getting done...and most importantly feeling "defeated " once again, but still trying to keep the faith and keep my head afloat.... The signs of this blessing were so apparent....

    The man who looked like my step-dad....the Angel that had FAITH written across it that fell off my keychain and the gentleman who handed me a simple pen with the most incredibly impacting verse on it....

    I litterally cried when I left the building and called my husband right away. He too shed tears and said "You see dear? now stop worrying, relax, and know that everything will be alright, its all in Gods hands and keep the Faith baby...". I called my mom too, and she said the same thing. She also said that my step-dad is looking over me and taking care of me too. It was very comforting. Again, it was extremely overwhelming and I couldnt control the was kinda of "wierd" feeling too.

    I wanted to share that extrodinary thing...and witness to all of you.

    I believe nothing in life is coincidental.....God spoke to me again today. I will be ok...whether I have surgery or not...I now that everything will be ok....once again, as God always lets me know that EVERYTHING WILL BE OK IF I JUST SIMPLY TURN IT ALL OVER TO HIM AND ALLOW MY FAITH TO BE MY DRIVING FORCE....

    Hope it brings comfort to some of you too. The key is having FAITH!!!!

    May God bless ALL of you as he did with me again today!

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    I love hearing stories of how God touches us. Don't you love watching "Touched by an Angel"? You are truly being watched over. Let go and feel the wonderful presence of God in your life.
  3. Sandyz

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    I loved your story. I think all these people were sent to by God to help you. Its really a miracle when things like this happen and so awesome too.

    Good luck with everything.
  4. PrayerWarrior316

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    Wow!! I know that was an awesome experience, I loved your story. Thank You so much for sharing it with all of us.

    Blessings, Judy
  5. grge

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    What a wonderful God we have. He knows our hearts and will always be with us.

    Thank you for sharing some of us definetly needed a boost in our have faith mode.

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  6. dash

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    Diane, thank you for sharing your wonderful experience. Your post may be just the prescription some of us need to handle todays troubles.

    God bless,
  7. jill5050

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    You should send that in to Guideposts. What an awesome story. Thank you for sharing and shoring up everyone's faith today. AWESOOOOOOME!!!!!!!! How wonderful that God knew just what you needed today.

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