"Life's Riches"

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    "Life's Riches"

    Life's riches are a blessing
    Of a woman and a man,
    Joined and molded together
    By the Master's perfect hand.

    The birth of a child,
    Then the patter of little feet;
    A miracle in itself, so hard to find
    And so hard to beat.

    Life's riches are the fruits
    Of one's labor, a bountiful supply.
    It's a reason for living, a hope
    To begin life with, and a will to even try.

    Life's riches are a choice; where you go
    To worship, a church for you to choose.
    With Jesus on the altar,
    Who can dare to refuse?

    That's where you'll
    Find your Jesus.
    That's where He'll always be.

    For the greatest blessings are given
    To a person who believes ...
    Where faith is always written
    In their heart, not on their sleeve.

    Along life's golden paths and journeys,
    You'll find all your hopes and dreams.
    All your riches are from the Saviour,
    Who will supply all the means.

    My hopes are for a basket full
    Of tomorrows, filled to the brim;
    Overflowing with all the wonders of just what
    Your life has been,
    Never doubting or looking grim.

    Love, hope, and your faith
    Will never be dismayed.
    For, the greatest sacrifices, by Jesus,
    Were already planned and made.

    © 2002 by Nancy Hoback