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    What exactly does "make lifestyle changes" mean?? My Dr thinks the Ambien and the Mirapex I am on are working. Ok. Great..I still have pain all over my back, neck, chest, hips. What am I supposed to change to fix those pains? A bit sarcastic, yes...In the past I was just used to taking pain pills and everything was fixed. I see this is not going to be working like that.
    Any ideas?
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    Voiceteacher just told you what "lifestyle changes" were. To change the way you are living so that you feel better is easier said than done! We all know that!

    After reading your bio, I imagine that a lot of your problems are due to stress. Are you on any anti-depressants? Have you sought counseling? It would probably do you a world of good to just be able to talk with a therapist. You have had quite a few major stressors in your life in the last few years. Taking a pill won't always make you feel better.

    Have you ever had a CT scan or MRI of your spine (cervical, thorasic, and lumbar)? If not, it might be a good idea to have one. I, too, have major neck, back, and hip issues. After having a CT scan, I now see why!! (I couldn't have an MRI because I have a pacemaker.)

    Have you ever been evaluated by a Rheumatologist? They specialize in arthritic diseases which may be your problems in your hips. You may need to be on an arthritis med to reduce the amount of inflammation in your body.

    Lifestyle changes sometimes recommended are:

    *make sure you eat a proper, well-balanced diet, which also includes taking a good multi-vitamin (I take a multi-minineral multi-vitamin).

    *make sure you get exercise every day--you have to keep moving to keep from hurting so much and getting stiff.

    *you need to get a thorough checkup from your doc (and possibly some specialists) to make sure you are being treated properly for all of your ailments

    *you need to PACE YOURSELF! you need to learn that everything doesn't always have to be done this very minute. after doing strenous chores, make certain that you rest and drink plenty of water.

    *going to bed, and getting up in the mornings, at the same time restore your sleep patterns and helps prevent headaches.

    *reducing stress is a must. if you can not handle the stress on your own, consider seeing a professional.

    *if you have a lot of sleep problems, ask your doctor about having a sleep study performed to see if you have sleep apnea or one of the many sleep disorders.

    I hope some of these ideas have helped.

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    Lifestyle changes. Hmmmm . . I've been working on that for the last 30 years since I was told that I needed to make some for my IBS. My doc back then said that I needed to decrease the stress in my life. OK . . but how?

    It's better to take tiny steps rather that make large jumps and fall.

    I started by going on a special diet some 15 years back that gradually decreased the amount of substances that I took into my body. It wasn't done all at once, but very logically. I can't remember the book I used, but it started by elimination of all sugars, then went on to elimination of caffeine, then alcohol, and the final thing was to let go of smoking. by the time I got to smoking, I no longer had the craving for the coffee and sugar that went along by association with smoking. I was able to quit smoking. By the book that I was going by, you then gradually add all of the other substances but not in large quantities. Now, I drink about one cup of coffee per day, hardly any sugar, pretty nil on the alcohol, and absolutely no smoking. This was a simple way to stop smoking. I focused totally on this regimen for a very long time and didn't try to do anything else until I felt ready.

    Then I joined a gym and went every AM for a 30 min workout. I didn't find that I gained any energy like others said that they did, but did find that I was able to gain a little more stamina. I stopped the gym and really have never been able to start up again as my energy levels and pain is too out of sync these days.

    Right now, I'm focusing on making better food "choices." Not dieting as that is by name "self-defeating." If I can just eat better by choice, that's what I want to do.

    When you are faced with making life style changes, and we all need to do that, it's better to take one step at a time. If that means learning to drink plain water, start there. After you succeed at one thing, it makes it easier to move on to another. The biggest problem that people have is trying to make too many "lifestyle" changes at once. When they fail, then they put up blocks. If you take it one step at a time, it's like building a house. You meet more successes, feel better about yourself, and are able to make progress.

    The biggest thing to remember is that you are "okay" where you are. Everyone tries to survive, and only you know what it takes to help you survive.

    I hope that this isn't a lot of rambling, I'm only sharing what's helped me in the past. I also read your profile, and we aren't so different.

    Warm wishes and please stay in touch. Jeannette
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    The Meaning Of Lifestyle Changes...

    When we see we can't do all the things we use to do...
    We mourn the loss of our former life and try to accept the new.....

    When the pain is all there is to take...
    We pray to God that maybe there was a mistake...

    And we can work and play......
    As we use to do everyday..........

    But our bodies cannot lie.....
    No matter how much we try........

    To think that all is well....
    When the truth be it that FM and CFS are a kind of living hell....

    But eventhough our health is poor.....
    Does'nt mean we can't go out the door.....

    And live a life as full as we can.....
    Even if no one else understands.........

    That we are the same person inside and out.....
    Just a little slower, a little weaker, a little somber and yes.... a little spaced out....

    Soft hugs,

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    I think the lifestyle changes means to sit on your rear end and don't do much of anything and then your pain should be less because you aren't doing anything. Well, this is sort of what I had to do.

    I don't mean to sound sarcastic, but I really did stop cleaning and had to hire a woman to come every other week. I know most can't afford that. We are lucky that we can.

    Hubby is running the errands after work and grocery shopping. There aren't that many errands, most the grocery shopping. Hubby is doing all the cooking now.

    I do the laundry, but he carries the baskets. I will unload the dishwasher if I get to it before he does, but it causes my back to hurt.

    I can't exercise, because it puts me in more pain, so I'm trying to lose weight by diet only, which is very slow and hard.

    I know these changes I have mentioned aren't workable to the majority in the group, but it is what I had to do to decrease the pain.

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    I think the first lifestyle change I'd make in your situation is to find a new doctor--one who will help you with the pain. How can you consider what you need to do to get better if all you think about is how much you hurt?

    The replies before mine have so much good information.

    I think my changes pretty much parallel Faye's, except I'm still trying to run a business from my home and have a 4 yo son.

    Wouldn't it be great if we could at least win a big cash lottery automatically when we got sick? It would sure be easier to make lifestyle changes with lots of money.

    Wishing you well!


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