"Lifted You In Prayer"

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    I talked with God this morning
    And lifted you in prayer.
    I knew you were weighted down with
    Much heartache, pain and care.

    I knew you faced decisions
    So hard for you to make.
    I asked that God would guide you
    and show the road to take.

    I asked for God to touch you
    And take your pain away.
    Be it His will, or give you
    strength to endure each day.

    He promised He will be there
    To comfort and sustain.
    He'll share your every burden,
    And soothe your every pain.

    Just give Him all your heartache,
    You'll feel a peace inside
    And such a joy in knowing
    God's walking by your side.

    His grace is all sufficient,
    Your trials He'll help you through....
    Cast all your care upon him...
    For He careth for you.

    Author: Beverly J. Anderson