lifting the board up in prayer

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    Dear Lord
    ABBA Father

    I don't know all the prayer request

    But you do

    Lord I ask that you would make a way where there is no way for every person on this board

    and Lord you say that your mercy's are new every morning.
    well I'm claiming that Lord for all here

    and Lord, for every scripture ever spoken on this board, I ask that you would shine your light upon them now and that they would come to life and the angels would do your bidding.
    for they obey the word of God.

    we place are burdens at the alter now, for Lord we are only human. but you can do anything.

    I pray for peace and comfort. and I pray for hope.

    and i also come against every fiery dart that would come from the enemy would be stopped in Jesus name

    and I plead the blood over all and pray a hedge of protection. and stand firm on your word and come into agreement with every prayer here.

    forgive me for my back sliding Lord

    and Lord I pray for forgiveness for the people who hurt us. and claim their salvation in Jesus name

    we give you all the praise and the glory


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    ....with this powerful, beautiful prayer of Lisa's.

    Let it be so Lord. Amen to all she has prayed.