Light sensitivity???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cjsmommy, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. cjsmommy

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    Does anyone else have severe light sensitivity to the point that its unbearable?? I have to wear sunglasses if I walk outside and I still squint. I have to keep the curtain pulled, esp. in the afternoon with the sun coming through our 10ft sliding door to fight off migraines. Light is triggering severe migraines now and I've been struggling with them for the past several days. Its so frustrating for me and my lil man. I want to take him out and do things but only can on a "good day". I hate that my son is affected by this.

  2. Andrea4

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    Mine is so bad, I have to wear sunglasses almost all the time...especially around sunlight or flourescent lights. Often times, I keep them on even in the house if I have to have the lights on high for some reason.
  3. lilaclover30

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    For years I have had my glasses tinted and still squint. It also gives me a sick feeling being out in it.

    I had cataract surgery on my left eye 9 days ago and on my right eye last month. It is just horrid to go outside, even with my sunglasses on.

    I get my new glasses the last of the month and will be so glad and will have them tinted too.

    I do not like being in big grocery stores with their flourescent lights!!!! One of oiur big ones has just remodeled and put in the awfulest lights. I have to wear sunglasses in there - then I can't always read the prices, etc. I am also in an electric cart, have to load the trunk then take them out and put them into my folding cart at home, then get them them in the house in pain.

    Shopping used to be FUN~~~~~~~~

    Gentle Hugs.l
  4. KerryK

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    I am sensitive to flourescent lighting and flickering computer monitors. One of my doctors explained that that is common with chronic pain sufferers.
  5. nancydr

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    Light sensitivity, noise, certain smells just send me over the edge. I do not go out to eat, or malls, or anything. It just is unbearable. It is almost like you have to stay in isolation to cope with all the other "stuff" you have to deal with.
  6. goaska29

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    My light sensitivity is a bit different. Since I've been sick I have noticed that when I look at something even slightly bright (I'm not talking about staring into the sun or anything)...I get these leftover flashes when I look away or turn it off. Kind of like when someone takes your picture and you can only see the flash for a bit after. I know this sounds so bizarre, but has anyone else noticed symptoms like this?
  7. JLH

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    Yes, I have the sun and light sensitivity.

    I don't know if it stems from my lupus or what.
  8. elsa

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    I have always been somewhat sensitive to light ... as a 10 year old I had to wear these little kid sized ray-ban glasses that curved around my ear in order to stay on.

    Talk about getting some grief! I still answer to "Hollywoody" ... LOL

    With fibro, the light sensitivity started triggering headaches ... some migraines.

    I bought a pair of very high end sunglasses with the dark yellow/amber lenses. They are wrap arounds to keep the side exposure down. They have been really helpful and worth every penny. Uhh, had to cut some corners there for a while afterwards. LOL

    Since I have gotten a decent handle on balanced neurotransmitters, I have felt much better. I haven't had a severe headache since last June.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that they stay away.

  9. cjsmommy

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    My husband thinks that I'm overstating how much the light hurts my eyes and gets upset over it. Makes me feel better that its not just me. To make matters worse, the Tegretol I take for my epilepsy already makes me light sensitive and since last year its just been unbearable at times..even have worn sunglasses in the house.
  10. hopeful4

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    is new to me. It just started about 5 months ago. I went into a Costco and thought that they had ramped the lighting way up. I even asked if they had put in new lighting. But it was just me and light sensitivity.

    So now I try to avoid stores with bright lighting, esp. flourescent, but that's not always possible. Now I wear my big-brimmed floppy summer hat when I go into a place with bright lights. It really helps cut the glare. I try to shop quickly and get out!

  11. jfrustrated

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    Dear cjsmommy

    Like lots of cfs people I have light sensitivity. I wear prescription sunglasses nearly all the time - I am short sighted too. I discovered a few months ago that I had them on during the movie at a rare visit to the picture show! Try being a 'cool' middle aged lady at the pictures! I have them on now. I have decided that they give me an air of mystery, so people can look all they want. I am cool.... - or at least I do not have to squint all the time. (and I don't have to wear eye make up!)
  12. MeNow

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    I replied to an other posting about that.
    I have both sensitivity to light and noise and use ear plugs to go to the movies.I don't go much anymore because I can't stand the smell of pop corn . It gives ne nausea. I don't go to theater anymore because the ladies have a contest of the smellies best described how I feel about this issue.It doesn't make me a very sociable person anymore. Menow (but the real me inside)
  13. Mikie

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    This can be symptomatic of a slight state of seizure in our brains. Please see my reply to the post about clonazepam. I posted Dr. Cheney's article on Klonopin there. It explains the seizure state which is common with our illnesses.

    Love, Mikie
  14. pam_d

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    ...but I can always tell when I'm getting a migraine---even before the pain starts---when I can't look at a light or be in the sun or watch a TV commercial (images move way too fast!).

    My co-workers can always tell when I have a migraine as I have sunglasses on---don't wear them otherwise.

    Have you tried Triptan-type migraine meds for this? Like Imitrex, etc. I'm just wondering if they'd help because they have an ingredient that greatly helps the light sensitivity for most people.

    I can understand your frustration! Hope you find something that helps!