Light therapy for resetting Circadian Rhythms.

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    Last night, I decided to buy a blue light therapy lamp, not only for some seasonal depression but my circadian rhythm is worse than it ever has been. In the last two weeks I have had three incidences where I went to bed at eight in the morning and woke up at six or seven at night.

    Has anyone used the lights for this and how successful were they? I do know the blue spectrum is suppose to be more effective.

    I have been fighting this my whole life and it became much worse since this DD.

    If you have experiences to share or know of others who have used the lights or other techniques for resetting their circadian rhythms, I would appreciat any replies.

    I sometimes think I am in a losing battle but it is so depressing waking up so late.

    Maybe I should have asked this question before ordering the light. You guys will be the consumer reporters of PH.

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    I went to the website, answered the questions and I ended up with a plan for resetting my sleep.

    The site also reccommended taking melatonin in the time released form.

    Interesting and other people may want to go to the site, even if you are not going to buy the lights.


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    You might want to go to this web page for information about light therapy and melatonin:

    Select the "Sleep Disorders" menu, and you can then select "Circadian Rhythm Disorders". This brings you to another web page. Click "Read More" at the end of the first paragraph, and that gets you to a web page which talks about light therapy, and the correct way to use melatonin.

    - Mark
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    I did not see your post until just now.

    Thank you for the information. I went to the site and the information was helpful.

    I used to be a member of Talk About Sleep as I was first diagnosed with Narcolepsy.

    When I got the diagnosis of FM/CFS, I found PH more of a match for dealing with this DD.

    Thanks again for the information.


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