Light Therapy?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shootingstar, May 23, 2011.

  1. shootingstar

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    Has anyone has success with light therapy? I purchased a little blue light box about three weeks ago, have had some success in improving energy/mood and am now noticing my sleep seems deeper, lasts longer. Am hoping that as I get the timing correct, and with more nights of restorative sleep things might continue to improve.

    I have typically been totally exhausted all day and had really poor sleep at night, waking about 2 a.m., having problems getting back to sleep, or in an out of sleep a lot and always waking up feeling basically as tired as when I went to bed. This was pretty much a constant state.

    I've been using the light box in the morning, then around noon at a lower setting. Still experimenting to find the best timing.
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    Yes, I usually do the light therapy in the winter. We have had almost nonstop rain/clouds where I live for the last month or so.

    It mostly helps me adjust my sleep rhythm but also daytime sleepiness.

    Sleep is so important, especially with our DD.

    Take care.


    ETA Look in the directions that come with the light box. Mine had a recommended schedule of when and how long you should use the lights. I do know that you shouldn't use it late in the day.[This Message was Edited on 05/23/2011]
  3. shootingstar

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    I know light is supposed to help with Seasonal Affective Disorder - that's not a particular problem for me - but the year-round messed up sleep pattern/unrefreshing sleep is. The information with my light mentioned different timing recommendations based on whether you needed to move your sleep cycle forward, backward or felt generally tired all the time. From that, and their online assessment (Philips site), it seemed I should use a session in the morning followed by an optional shorter time later in the day. It's a definite help so far - and I'll take that and will keep using it.

    It has seemed as though getting a total fix on the whole sleep thing could make a huge difference. Sleep meds etc. sometimes let me sleep longer, but I still wake unrefreshed. Cpap helps, but not a total answer. And a very low dose of melatonin (quarter of a milligram) also helps. The light, or eating a huge quantity of food in the afternoon (definitely not what I want to do!) are the only things that have seemed to make a a difference in the quality of sleep - the low dose melatonin might help in that respect too, but it does not last through the night, and the timed release versions have left me with bad mornings. So it's an ongoing search...

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