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    there is legal progress against the lightening process claiming to cure me/cfids more people should bring cases like this against this illegal claim to be able to cure ME/cfids

    anyone who has gone through this and not been cured as you wouldn.t be if you had me.cfids then you should take a case out and sue then hopefully no more desparate patients would have to lose money for nothing

    follows a report of what they do in the lightening process from a moderate sufferer who was left unimpressed. they tell you not to tell what they do or what it is so thought this may well help those who were in any doubt about this

    Hello, I know the Lightning Process works for some people, when I was looki=
    ng for information on it it was very vague, so I have written my experienc=
    e of it below so you can get a more balanced view of it.

    There were four of us on the course. The morning of the first day was spent=
    'proving' mind over matter by showing us DVD's interspersed with talks fro=
    m the tutor, telling us about people who had being wrongly diagnosed with c=
    ancer and then died anyway. We were shown optical illusions, pictures where=
    one way it looks like an old woman, one way a young one and another one of=
    an elephant with varying numbers of legs depending on how you looked at it=

    I had to stop saying I had M.E. Instead I have to say I am 'doing M.E', I w=
    asn't tired, I was 'doing tired and doing muscle aches' etc. The facilitato=
    r was telling us loads of stories about the people she had cured. One of th=
    em even phoned up while we were having lunch and the phone was passed round=
    the table so we could all talk to her. By that time I was up really up for=
    it, we all were.=20

    In the afternoon session we were told that the reason we had M.E is that we=
    have negative thoughts. Every time we have them our adrenal glands give us=
    'a squirt of adrenaline' this builds up and stops your body functioning pr=

    The Lightening Process would stop this happening.=20

    The tutor stood up. 'To stop this you have to get up and say 'Stop' make a =
    physical movement, step back or cross your wrists in a pushing away movemen=
    t.' . Then she showed us how to go through an affirmation/self-coaching pro=
    cess, which I think is copy righted so I'll paraphrase. You ask yourself if=
    you want to choose happiness. Which you obviously do and then you say how =
    fantastic you are to have stopped the negativity thought. You ask yourself =
    what you really want, then you answer yourself, and again ask yourself how =
    you are going to get there. The answer of course is to keep doing the proce=
    ss, getting rid of those negative thoughts. Then you tell yourself how grea=
    t you are again. That's it basically

    We were told to do The Process thirty times that evening. I went back to my=
    guest house and did as I was told. I spoke to my loved ones but when they =
    asked how it went I was reluctant to talk about it. The tutor said that if =
    we tell people about the process if won't work.=20

    The second day when I turned up there was three big posters saying, 'DON'T =
    lt better she asked what I did the night before, I said, 'I did the Process=
    and I went for a walk' she said, 'Sally, went for a walk, hooray' like it =
    was a victory for the Lightning process but as I said my M.E is moderate an=
    d I go for a walk everyday, but no-one would have known. The truth was I wa=
    sn't feeling any better

    As the day went on I was getting more and more tired. By mid-afternoon I wa=
    s slumped in my seat watching yet another video about how the brain makes u=
    s over-produce adrenalin and how The Process can stop it. But I had been do=
    ing the process and it hadn't stopped it, the effort of doing the course, n=
    ot getting my normal rest was making me feel worse.=20

    But these dpcount asnegative thoughts. I started to do the process to stop =
    them like I had been shown.

    By that evening I was doing the Lightning Process to counteract my thoughts=
    about the Lightning Process itself.=20

    The next day I still felt no different. I went and had my one to one sessio=
    n and when I told her that she said I was being negative and that I must k=
    eep doing the process at home and it would work. But on the course I was to=
    ld that the reason it was called 'lightning process' was that because it wo=
    rked liked lightning (they even produced diagram with a graphic of some lig=
    htning in case we didn't get it. I got the concept, it just wasn't happenin=
    g.) From all the literature I was sent prior to parting with borrowed money=
    to go on the course, were testimonials saying how fast it had worked. No b=
    ody said it didn't work on the course but it did later. I said one of my bi=
    ggest problems was being exhausted but unable to sleep. So we did a visuali=
    sation that involved a pressure point on my hand and she said whenever I co=
    uldn't sleep I could just rub that point.=20

    'There you are you are cured, you'll sleep now' she said.=20

    I wasn't and I didn't.

    The lightning process is supposed to be NLP and osteopathy. I could see no =
    osteopathy, the only movement on the course I attended was the stop movemen=
    t and the pressure point on my hand I mentioned above.=20

    To give the tutor her due she did drive me to and from the station and afte=
    r the course offered to work with me for free on the phone. So I accepted t=
    hat but found out that working with me involved her telling me to keep work=
    ing the process because it worked and arguing with my objections saying I h=
    adn't given it time and that I was being negative.=20

    She kept saying 'keep doing it cos it works,' and had nothing to say when I=
    said I had kept 'doing it'. She said I had given up so soon. I was told it=
    had a 93 % success rate. On my course of four it seemed to work for one pe=
    rson and had an impact on another, but for two of us it failed completely.=

    I wished they asked on the application form if I was plagued with negative =
    thoughts and whether I had worked with affirmations before I could have tol=
    d them No, and Yes. Then they would have known their process was nothing ne=
    w for me. I have actually been doing affirmations and therapy for many yea=
    rs so I am not blighted by the kind of negativity that can be emotionally c=
    rippling, and when I first discovered that it was wonderful. But I discover=
    ed it in a book that cost =A33.50 now I it seemed I had paid =A3550 for the=
    same lesson.=20

    I know that for some people this is a marvellous process but like I said it=
    wasn't anything new for me, I wasn't stuck in negative patterns which is w=
    hat I believe it really helps with.
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    It's even worse than I suspected

    I am glad they are being exposed finally

    they should have to pay back every cent they have charged people & then some
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