lightheaded all the time & very dry eyes and mouth!!! anyone relate???

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by singlaurie, Sep 1, 2008.

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    I have been dx with lyme in may this year also have the co infection barbesia have been treated twice for that and waiting for a retest to see if it is cleared yet.I am on doxy now for the lymes. I had been treated with zithro and mepron for the co infection so its been back and forth with my meds. next might be the IV I do have lots of neuro problems... but the lightheaded and awful dry eyes & mouth has been my constant symtoms as of day one 2 years ago. even doing the restasis for my eyes no releif!! and of course all the muscle pain , joint pain headpressure, jaw pain, stomach problems, ect....It goes on and on as most of you know. so if any of you have this problem and have found help for it please give me some feed back.
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    I would first check to see if these were side-effects firstly. Likely they're herxes tho, which is hard to control often. There's a thread here with some different ways to detox - get rid of the toxins released by the die=off of the bugs; you may want to try some and see if any work for you.

    So sorry you're having to go thru this...

    all the best,

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    Are you on the Zith and Mepron continuosly or are you rotating it with the doxy?

    Just wanting to clarify. Doxy can reduce the effectiveness of Mepron.

    Also, Mepron can take up to 21 days to reach a therapeutic level.

    Babesia should be treated for at least 4 months because that is the life cycle of a red blood cell.

    The lightheadedness sounds like the babesia (could be lyme too).

    I don't know about dry eyes and mouth. It sounds really uncomfortable.

    The lyme board here is pretty slow. You can try googling lymenet and then go there and ask-there's a lot of knowledge there.

    Good luck!
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    I just did the zithro & mepron for 10 days then went on doxy, retested for the babesia one month later at IGENIX with a fish test and it was still active so stopped the doxy and did the zithro and mepron again that time for 14 days then back to doxy now I am testing again in 45 days to see if still active and that will be sept 12th. I see a dr at kaiser that is treating me so they only go by the book on treatment. the doc at IGENIX lab said the treatment for babeisa should be at least 21 to 45 days or more but my doc will only go by the book. so I guess I will just have to keep retesting until its gone. this is so stupid on his part. he should listen to the llmd and do the treatment time it should be.
    thanks for responding
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    I have two thoughts to share with you re: your post. One

    is that, don't be surprised that the Kaiser Doc won't do

    anymore than the standard protocol for treatments. He is

    most likely so directed by powers above Him. HE works for

    an institution who could fire Him easily from deviating

    from standard procedure. Likewise, there is the "Malpractice"

    possibility if He should work outside those bounds! This is

    one reason there are so few LLMD Specialists.

    Have you tried "Stoppers 4 Dry Mouth" spray? Can find it

    Walgreen's for under $8.00. Works pretty well! Situation

    may often be caused by some meds I would think??