lights and sound sensitivity ?

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    Now Iam having sensitivity to light,and sound. Mostly when Iam outside, Ive never wore sunglasses, now I have to it feels like the suns rays could burn my eyes ! Lately with the sound Ive had to turn my cell way down peoples voices pearce my ears, and when people yell around me. Fireworks last night were a killer !!! Is this from the lyrica or the FM ??
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    I have the same problem am not on lyrica now but I had it before I started it so I guess it must be the FM
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    I'd say it's FM, not Lyrica. I'm not on it and I cannot stand any sort of loud noise at all. Actually it doesn't have to be particularly loud - but to me it certainly is. I cover my ears so many times during the day!
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    I don't have FM, but I've had this problems since I came down with ME/ICD-CFS (as do many others). It's really a problem with dealing with too much sensory stimulation.

    Sometimes taking a tiny amount of Klonopin helps.

    Avoidance is often the only thing I can to when I'm really having a difficult time. I use dark glasses and blinds or drapes.

    If you haven't already, consider changing the color, brightness, and contrast settings on your computer monitor.

    Switiching to lower wattage lightbulbs also helps.

    I often use earplugs if I know I will be in a setting with too much sound for me.

    I feel for everyone dealing with this. It's the pits!

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    Hi Initahug,

    Yes, I am very sensitive to sunlight and need my sunglasses almost everywhere I go. Even glare without the sundlight is bothersome.

    Not to sure about sound which is something else, especially since I have persistant noise, ringing or whatever in my ears.

    My sunglsses is definatly my very best friend. I try to remember to bring them everywhere with me. When I am not driving I bring my cheap ones so if I lose them that is OK.



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    Much as I hated the Lyrica dr wonderful insisted would help me and was waaaay wrong about it, I'd say that light and sound sensitivity hit you because of FM.

    I read an earlier post, sorry I've faded the subject, about a poor girl who because she took quinine she lost her hearing!

    We who need quinine here in this country, some because of the same inCREDible leg-calf pain I have 24/7 without quinine, can't get it because the FDA steps up and says "Quinine hasn't been proven to ease leg pain."

    Want to know why Q has not been proven to help? Because FDA refused to test it. Even if FDA had tested it I'd bet the results would be slanted, cherry-picked, skewed, call it what you will because Q very likely doesn't cost as much as pain-maskers and FDA seems to like it when we stay ill and/or in pain.

    FDA approved Thalidomide (birth deformities) but won't let us have Quinine??
    I'm so sorry for the girl who lost her hearing. Personally with my very sharp hearing considering the fact I passed into my 6th decade a while back, I'd be willing to risk losing a portion of what wakes me when an ant burps.

    Yes, alright lol, that "ant burp" was an exaggeration but not by much.

    Initahug, a lot of FM/ME people do wear dark glasses indoors or when under fluorescent lighting, in addition to when outdoors of course. Tell anyone rude enough to ask about the glasses that you are an international spy. That'll leave them gasping long enough for you to get away from them or shove them out your door.

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    It's a Fibro thing. Seems to be one of the commoner of the quirky symptoms. I always have to have sunglasses outside, and I'm very sensitive to sounds. Both can be physically jarring, like an electric shock sometimes. When I'm trying to bring down my senses, I use an eye mask and listen to an audio book quietly on my iPod.
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    Hi, all.

    The hypersensitivity to light and sound (and sometimes touch and smells) apparently results from excitotoxicity of neurons, which is present in both CFS and FM. I'm not able to give individual treatment advice unless a physician is involved, but if you do a search on excitotoxicity you can probably find a list of supplements that have been found helpful for calming excitotoxicity.

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    No lyrica, and yes I wear sunglasses. Sorry you're having trouble.

  10. hi all,

    i am currently having a bad time coping with hayfever.this year is reported as being the worst in the last 10 years,on the news channel.

    anyway the advice was to buy wrap around sun glasses.

    i manged to buy a pair for £5,and they work eyes dont prickle and burn while out doors now.

    but i also see on occasions,flashing white lights in my vision,you know like when we are having migraine,although i wont be in any head pain.

    i found that strange,but im glad the pain inst there.

    anyway,i get very sensitive to the intense sun,and try to avoid going out in it,if i can.

    but i go to work at 2.30pm and ive found the sunglasses are a godsend to me.i carry them on me everywhere.

    sometimes i wear them indoors too,if my eyes are painfull.

    sounds get on my nerves too,like the hubby has it turned up as he cant hear very causes more arguments lol.

    so ill go watch my own tv in my bedroom.

    i noticed my elderly dog is troubled by aircraft noise,and loud lorries that make a bang as they go over a drain in the road.i must report that drain to the council.

    one night when i couldnt sleep,i was outraged by the amount of noise from aircraft and other things,in the night.i think it sounded like machinery in the distance.

    i know we are near a motorway too.

    nightime just isnt quiet like it was in the 1960,s.

    love fran