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    I heard that Houston Temple is down for repairs or something so you, Will and Kelly are now also at Dallas. That will be good for the next two weeks. If you will put it on your calendar and rattle my chain I will call and renew the request if you still feel the need in two weeks. I can not think of a better place to have your names in a request for prayer.... unless it would be right here and I know everyone here is already praying for you and Will. I cannot believe Kelly will actually make Will go with him. How can he have so little regard for the feelings of his own son? This man is so depraved, it is hard to keep in mind that he also is a son of Heavenly Father.
    Jim is out of NY. He is safe at a service plaza in New Jersy, just across the state line from Pa. Our prayers have seen him through one more time. Hugs, and tell William, 'Thanks.' I always feel so reassured to know that a child prays for Jim and I. I think they have a special connection, don't you. Rose
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    Yes, I believe that children do have a special closeness to the Savior....especially if you nuture that closeness.

    Last eve Will and I did not get to pray until 10:00 and it was my "turn" so we laid in the bed and I began (knowing it may be somewhat long); well it wasn't toooo long but before the "amen" I heard snores eminating from my little warrior's relaxed, slumbering body! How nice to fall asleep listening to your mother's prayer. Lil'

    Glad Jim is out of NY!