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  1. lilac

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    what is your opinion of xanax for anxiety? I just started it today and am alreadyt feeling better after a heartbreak of learning my chid is ill.
  2. Shirl

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    Hi Lilac, I take Xanax, BUT only 0.25 milligrams in the evening. I do not take Xanax three or four times a day.

    It was designed for anxiety, not for depression that I know of. I would not take it more than I said above. It is an addictive drug.

    We did a whole thread on Xanax last week, see if I can find it for you.(I just bumped the thread up for you, go see; 'Xanax Question' posted; by 'Fairyeyes'.

    Also you can use the search on the 'Library' link and get all the medical information like Sonny suggested too.

    Do you have FM/CFS? You did not say.

    Shalom, Shirl
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  3. Annette2

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    I won't say don't take it, but you had better be careful. I too had a very bad experience with Xanax. It is VERY addicting!!!! If you're going to take it on a limited basis, that's okay. I'm sorry to hear about your child - my son was very sick 2 years ago and we went through a terrible time. My heart goes out to parents of sick children. I will pray for you all!!!!

  4. Boysmom1

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    addictive drug. (I take ativan.) Being a psychiatric nurse, i know the damamge it can cause. it will relieve your symptoms, but I believe there are too many other anti-anxiety drugs on the market to still be prescribing such an easily addictive drug to patients. Xanax hits you quick and leaves you quick, which adds to the potential of becoming addicted, by taking it often thruout the day. this sort of thing on a regular basis can leave your nerves even more frazzled in the end. just be sure to take as directed or ask your doctor for something else. Xanax is fine if it is used for very short term, like after a death of a loved one, etc. Good luck and i will pray for you and your child,