Lilaclover 30/Joan Your dear grandson

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    Dear Joan,

    Just a note to tell you that I left a note for you on the prayers Request thread for this week about your grandson. Also, a short post on the Porch. Oh, what you must be going throught. Yes, that is very serious.

    Please do go and check both of those post esp the one on the prayer request for 4/3 on this board.

    Please do check it. It may not be anything different that what you are thinking but go check anyway, This dear young man with everything to gain and live for needs outside help NOW. Losing 25 lbs and not wanting to eat or talk to anyone are sisgns of depression, and he needs help ASAP.

    Check my posts and you might want to also ask for help on the depression board. They probablyw would have some info for you. You , DH and GS are in my prayers.

    Love and blessings,