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    Hi guys. I posted awhile ago looking for help with an anti inflammatory that doesnt make your cough up a lunch or whatever. Someone suggested Limbrel. I talked to my doctor and I got it. Right now I am fighting for insurance to pay for is, so I bought 20 pills. I feel MUCH BETTER! And even increased energy. Limbrel is for osteo arthritis, but doctors are prescribing it for other things. I have issues with not being able to take NSAIDS or ibuprophen so this was perfect for me. Also, can you believe it, it says on the package NO SIDE EFFECTS! I almost passed out on that one. It didnt work right away, like yay no pain. I had been gradual and I still take ultracet and percocet (although I have been able to take less). Who knows, maybe i have some osteo arthritis going on along with this whole thing. Since we have moved I have found it difficult to find doctors who will accept workers comp. I am going to try Dr. Silverman in Scottsdale I think. I have put it off long enough and someone suggested him awhile back. Anyways, thought I would pass the good word along. Schnoodle
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    I am one person always posting about Limbrel. My husband had a near miraculous result. He was supposed to have surgery on his right thumb joint from OA. He was in excrutiating pain and wearing a brace on his hand so the joint would not move.

    After starting Limbrel, no more pain at all. The joint still moves but it seems more lubricated or something - whatever the reason, no pain.

    I hope more people with OA try Limbrel. It is considered a medical food and does require a prescription but what I agree, what could be better than no side effects!!

    I am happy for you and hope your insurance kicks in. I always feel, even if insurance will not pay, if it really helps me, what better money to spend on than my health...

    My fibro doctor is the one who told me about it. Apparently he has several fibro patients on Limbrel doing great.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Limbrel is such a new drug, it is not advertised much.

  3. Dlebbole

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    A new doctor prescribed it to me. I tried it for a few weeks (although at a much reduced dose than recommended). I was just testing to see if it would cause any problems.

    I didn't notice any relief and I think MAYBE that it sort of kicked my immune system into super sensitive mode.....I felt like my chemical sensitivity/pollen sensitivity increased. To really sort it out, I'd have to try it again. I'm glad I have it, though. I think that if I have an unmanageable pain cycle I would try it again. I"m glad it works for you!!! DE
  4. kbak

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    Well you lucky guys, I tried Limbrel and got a rash so I'm one of those people that doesn't do well on it. Boy is that stuff expensive! I'm glad to hear it's working for some people.

    Take care,

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