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    I'm guessing from your bio and the pic that you live near the falls. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Niagara Falls - both the US and Canadian side. When I lived in Toronto, I went to Buffalo once a month to shop and mail bills. (Canada Post used to be awful! Not sure if it's better now) I would spend 2 - 5 hrs at the falls.

    I got an email today about the Niagara Icewine Festival. Have you ever gone to that one? I don't drink, especially wine, but I had to 'partake' with clients back then and we had an Inniskill Icewine that was to die for! I would love to go to this festival and sample the other vineyard's offering.

    I love the landscaping at the falls and in Niagara-On-The-Falls. I truly wish I lived there again!


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    Well, go to the falls and think of me!

    I live in KC (KC Chief jokes, eh?) but I was in Toronto for 15 mths with my job.

    I think the Icewine Festival would be a blast because the wine is considered a dessert wine, it is so sweet. To me, what I had back then, tasted like sugar! Maybe next year, I can make it up north! Mark your calendar, I'll stop and pick you up too!

    I live on the MO side of KC. Seems weird that the city straddles 2 states!


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