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    Lincamp - if you are interested in the dress that Lindsay wore to Prom and your daughter likes it, I would love to let you borrow it for free. The back is criss cross with all crystals, I will post that in a little while.

    However, I know your daughter may want to get her own and she may not even like it, so you wouldn't hurt my feelings if you dont.

    Anyway, if so post me back and i will tell you how to get a hold of me. I know these dresses are expensive so it could save you a lot of money.

    Love ya, Mickey
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    Well good, I am glad you were able to get her a dress, I hope it fits perfect. I did have to do a little alteration on the straps to make it a little tighter.

    Oh and I posted the picture of the back of the dress if you wanted to see it.

    Good luck and i hope you post a picture of your daughter. I would love to see her and her dress.