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    Hi Linda,
    Thanks for your post on the Porch.

    I really should clear this up ---- I'm not afraid of the pain of the surgery. Heck, if I can make it thru 3 major abdominal surgeries I can handle this. It is that the surgery may not help the pain and it may be the fibro pain. My neurosurgeon does not believe in fibro so he just dismisses the fibro and states this is where the pain is located. A very good friend of mine, her husband, has had several neck surgeries and the last one left him with a "dead" spot in his spinal column.

    One of the drawbacks to this surgery is mine will be a total fusion with a plate added for stability. One thing that does happen to people a few years later after the surgery is it weakens the other already "degenerated" discs which is more surgeries. I am going to be turning 39 years-old shortly and I do not want to have further neck surgeries because the other already weakened discs have degenerated more because of the added stress.

    Sorry, this post is so brain is going into "fibro foggy land"

    Oh PS: My flare is due to my own stupidity. We had a garage sale and I just kept pushing myself and now I'm crashing. But I would do it all over again if I was given a second chance. I had a lot of family around and it was wonderful. They finally realized what is happening with me and this DD....the love and support was just heart wrenching. Just all the love and support was overwhelming.
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    My other discs surrounding the problem area of C4 & C5 --- C2 & C3 and also T1 are currently bulging discs and showing degenerative disc disease along with a few bone spurs along C2-3.

    When I asked my neuro about the possibility about "other" surgeries he kinda danced around the subject. I am going to be 39 years-old shortly and I personally feel that doing this surgery may be other surgeries in my 40's and 50's which is what I would like to avoid. This is where I'm on the fence about the surgery. I just don't want to set myself up for more surgeries in the future.

    I should also let you know I do have entrapped nerves at C4 & C5 as well. Although, the neurosurgeon isn't very concerned with nerves at this point. I have had 2 EMG's --- the first one showed severe carpal tunnel which I had surgery for last year.

    I guess I need to do my own soul searching and follow my heart on what I feel which would be the best alternative for myself at this point in my life.

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