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    The final weigh-in was 503 lbs. And it was only the final catalogs from 12/31 that broke the quarter-ton mark. I was so excited to see the mail carrier and if we would have catalogs (my husband and I were sitting on the screen porch waiting), that I forgot to give him the outgoing bills!
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    But it must be at least over 300 or 400 plus different titles. I have probably ordered out of maybe 10. DH maybe another 10. The silly thing is, you order something (which I generally do online anyway), and then they send you another catalog in the box!

    A friend of mine sent me an email on CatalogChoice, so I think I'll probably see if I can cancel them through there instead of wrangling around on the individual websites for a form that lets me cancel.

    Sadly, our municipality DOES NOT have magazine or catalog recycling, so this is a quarter ton of landfill. I started this project after receiving 27 catalogs in one day in November '06. I haven't actually requested any catalog to be mailed to me in probably 15 years -- this is just buildup!

    I thought about writing a piece for the local paper on my catalog adventures. I kept track on a spreadsheet, so I'm going to take a look and see who the biggest culprits were, too!
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    I missed any previous discussion on this subject...but you are my new hero! I always wonder just how much junk mail arrives each year - especially those darn catalogs.

    I am an artist, so I think artistically. I once pondered the idea of building a 3-D sculpture of a tree, made entirely of junk mail. I would call it something like "the planets last remaining tree."

    Lane Bryant was notorious for sending catalogs, at least 3-4 per week! I emailed them and asked to be removed from their mailing list. It didn't work. I emailed them several more times. Got a form letter each time (and probably an extra catalog or 2.) Finally I told them of my project idea. I told them I would build a tree made of Lane Bryant catalogs and call it "Lane Bryant Singlehandedly Kills off the Rainforest." Never heard from them again.

    The worst crime of junk mail arrived a few weeks ago from Winston. Being a Winston smoker, we get mailings from them periodically. Sometimes they include good coupons or free stuff, but sometimes they are just a waste of pulp. This most recent item arrived in a thick cardboard cylinder (like they send posters in.) Inside was a slick glossy poster/ad and several more thick glossy papers rolled up together. No coupons, no free stuff. Just a note among the fluff. It stated that they just wanted to let us know that their campaign for 2007 was coming to a close and we would no longer be receiving mail from them.

    Hallelujah! The remaining 5 trees of the rainforest thank you Winston, for sparing their lives!

    They could have told me that on a postcard. Or not told me at all.

    The trees of our planet give us life. Without them we would die. They provide oxygen for us. I believe the rainforests contain the key to curing the diseases that are killing us humans. But if we chop them down, we will never find those cures. Rainforests are home to two thirds of all the living animal and plant species on the planet. Is it worth it to destroy all this just to send unwanted junk mail to every person in the civilized world, just to have it all end up in a landfill?

    Juloo, I applaud you for your project! You have singlehandedly proven just how much waste one person receives each year. Now you must spread the news. You must contact your local news. This is a perfect end-of-the-year story. Contact the world news! Take pictures. Post them online. (Post one here too! I wanna see it!) Send a copy to each of the catalog senders! Its one thing to tell people how much junk mail you get. It's another thing all together to actually SEE just how much it really is!

    Although I may never get around to building my junk mail tree, I do visit the following site every day. One simple click of the big green button saves 11.4 square feet of rainforest! Click it every day!
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    I calculated by doing several piles of 50 catalogs that the average height for that many catalogs is approximately 5.25". If I had saved all the catalogs from the year, it would make a stack between 16' and 17' tall -- although, I've found it's impossible to stack more than about 100 together because they get all slidey.

    This is actually one of the reasons I started keeping track. I tried to limit myself to one basket of catalogs, and it was bugging me that I couldn't keep up with throwing them out fast enough, and the basket would overflow. Although I don't have pics of my whole year's worth, I have some pics of my periodic culling -- usually about 200-300 catalogs at a time.

    Your 'last tree' idea was really super! I wish you would have done it.

    I know I'll find one of the worst offenders here will probably be Coldwater Creek. DH bought me a dress from CC about two years ago, and now a store has opened up nearby. Between these two things, we get quite a few catalogs. My mother-in-law finally dragged me into the new store at Christmas (I hate to shop -- it's the lights, people, noise, etc.) to spend a gift certificate. When I was checking out, the salesperson started by asking me my zip code and address...

    I may be slow, but she got half-way in, and I asked her if she was putting me on a catalog list. I must have looked a little maniacal (!), because she said, "Well, I don't have to do that!" and stopped right there.

    P.S. I did a scaled sketch of what my stack of catalogs would look like -- see my's the first time I've posted a picture.

    P.S. 2 That's NOT my body!
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    Juloo, thats great! Love the visual aid! That's a lot of catalogs! I think its safe to say that you have accumulated one good sized trees worth of crap this year. Too bad we can't recycle them back into trees.

    Thanks for the sketch! That's even better than a photograph! Love the blank stare from the overwhelming stack of junk mail.

    WOW, you are not going to believe this!

    I just googled "17 foot tree" to see how old of a tree your mail amounted to, and found this article:

    Some guy built a monument out of his junk mail... a tree 17 feet tall. Hows that for coincidence? Darn, someone beat me to it! (mine would have been lots cooler looking than his.)But good for him! The artistic statement needed to be made, and he made it.