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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by omeeomy, Feb 6, 2008.

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    Just wanted to say HELLO.

    I haven't been on the board lately. I've been a little under the weather lately. My FM & arthrtitis has give a rough few weeks.

    My neice & i have been shopping for some new curtians & bedding. She tells me i need to update. I guess i'm a little old fashion for her. Her Mom is still in rehab for her hip she has come a long ways.

    I hope all is well with both of you & your families are ok.

    The weather here has been a little warm the last 2 days real windy & lots of rain. Going back to cold tomorrow. My son comes home the 13th it has been in the -20s & -30 ever since he's been back this time. I guess he will feel like he's in the troptics when he gets home. Grand-children are doing good grandson is doing very well & back in school.

    Give me a hello when you can.

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    I'm fine- nice to see a post from you both.

    My son hasn't had any luck finding a job yet, and it gets him down. I pray something will turn up soon. He has tried other grocery stores (and a host of other places!) and it's frustrating when you see other new people being hired. I know God has a plan for him- we're waiting to find out what it is, and looking all of the time!

    My mother in law is doing well at home, but she doesn't get out much. Iowa has had some serious winter weather and a lot of snow. She told her niece not to drive over to take out her trash....the roads were too slick. So you know it's bad!

    I have to drive Snoqualmie Pass on Saturday....I'm going over to accompany at another solo/ensemble festival. Please say a prayer for safe travel, as this is the road with all of the avalanches lately. Thanks!
    p.s. I'm taking my older son with me.......


  3. alaska3355

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    I guess I wasn't meant to make the trip, as all the passes are closed. High avalanche danger and lots of new snow and warm temps combined made them decide to close it yesterday and today. I'm sorry to be unable to play for the students that were expecting me. Couldn't be helped.

    My son has applied a few more places, so we haven't given up yet. My husband is thinking Air Force, so it may come to that. Poor guy- he's so naive that I hate to send him'll break my heart. Plus he has been having trouble waking up before 9:00 lately, but that could be depression. It wouldn't make him have an easy time in the military.

    Sorry, I think this letter is a downer, but we all have our days. I'm looking forward to spring!

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    The ground-hog says 6 more wks. of bad weather ha ha. It almost always 6 more wks. of bad weather.

    Terri: sorry you didn't get to take your trip. God always know whats best for us---we just need to listen. My grand-children has just come back from a christian conferance for children in the Smokies in Tn. My daughter-in-law said they had a wonderful time. They left Thursday & came back tonight. They had 32 that went----16 chaperons & 16 children. My son comes home Wed--13th, he will only get to stay 2wks this time. They are going to put him on another crew. So he has to be on the same rotation as that crew. It's -23 there now & feels like -40. How does your daughter & family stand the cold? I pray your son finds a job. My husband was drafted into the army & he had a had time in basic training. He never had been away from home any at that time. It was a hard time for him.

    Linda: sorry your weather hasn't been to good. It's been very cold here. I've had real bad time for about a month now. I went to my MD Thursday he put me on some Mobic to see if will help my stiffnes. I have to have blood testing every 2 to 3 mos---because of my medicine. I've fell twice in the last week trying to clean. Don't like to ask my husband to help. My husband has put up new curtains rods for me today he's still got 3 more to go.
    I guess i'm trying to rush spring. I'm trying to do a little at a time---while i'm in the mood.

    Pray for my neice she goes Wed. for cat scan & blood testing to see if see's still in remission.

    Blessing To You Both.