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    Wren here

    I was just rereading all the posts on the to do thread and noticed that you mentioned your orthodics were not working.


    I have been so frustrated, especially since the things cost $500 and I tried for months to wear those things.

    They told me I could use the inserts in New Balance shoes.

    Tried that. Didn't work. Easy Spirit. Didn't work.

    I finally figured it out.

    I walk with a tilt. The "shoes" had a fairly thick heel.
    Add the insert to that and that made the heel even higher.

    LOL! I finally figured out that I was spending all day trying to keep from falling n my face. That cause my feet to slide even further into the toe of the shoes and my toes are where I have bone damage. I was exhausted after wearing the things.

    2 specialist and neither of them took the time to notice that I needed a special heel.

    I was down to 3 pair of earth shoe sandals from Wally world
    that barely helped.

    Went shoe shopping and found a pair of Ked tennis shoes with a halfway decent arch support and and the thickness at the front of the sole was almost equal to the heel.

    They're not perfect by no means but I managed to shop for 2 hours before running home to the comfort of the sofa and a pain pill.